TalentBrowser Brings Rayanne Thorn on as Advisor and Chief Strategy Officer

Hiring companies and recruiting agencies find themselves at a crossroad in the world of HR Technology: continue to invest time and money in outdated processes or further assess the disruptive landscape and make new choices. TalentBrowser is an innovative cloud-based software which maximizes the value of existing talent pools of previously-sourced candidates using pioneering thesaurus-based search technology.

Rayanne Thorn joins TalentBrowser in an advisory role as the interim Chief Strategy Officer. Thorn has held several high-level positions at various HR Tech companies including Apploi, Technomedia, Evenbase, and Broadbean Technology. Her innovative marketing and strategy tactics have made her a standout in her field. Earlier in her career, Thorn served as a business and search consultant, as well as a contingent agency, executive retained, and corporate recruiter.

TalentBrowser Chief Executive Officer, Janet Dwyer, said: “Our CIO John Harney and I are absolutely thrilled to have Rayanne Thorn join our team. Her integrity and passion, combined with real-world smarts from being in the trenches as a recruiter herself, make her an asset to any organization, and we are so happy to be working with her.” Harney happily added, “Ecstatic!” to Dwyer’s comments.

Ms. Thorn stated, “A key differentiator of TalentBrowser is that is has been designed for recruiters by a recruiter – CEO Janet Dwyer brings a significant amount of experience as a successful recruiter for high-tech IT professionals in the demanding industry of Financial Services. She and I have similar mindsets and we care about the practice of recruiting and understand the value of not duplicating efforts. TalentBrowser takes advantage of work already done. I’m eager to join this team by helping TalentBrowser increase their digital footprint and putting this technology in front of the people who will benefit the most: recruiters, hiring managers, and ultimately candidates.”

The team at TalentBrowser is determined to change business as usual for talent acquisition by revolutionizing how resumes are evaluated and matched to jobs. Their unique patented technology automatically parses, scores, and matches top candidates to job openings using a customizable thesaurus of industry-matching words or terms, rendering traditional keyword search obsolete.
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