Corra Group Beefs Up Background Checks for Accounting Firms Entering the Tax Season

Corra Group is preparing for the seasonal escalation from accounting firms who are gearing up to prepare for the tax season. The El Segundo headquartered background checking service is offering a variety of employment screening searches, including international criminal and civil searches, as well as employment credit reports.

“This is the time when accounting firms are gearing up for tax season,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Nick Gustavson. “Accounting firms typically expand this time of year, hiring temporary staff and independent contractors. In a year when the economy has turned around, we expect hiring to be unusually robust.

“We find a fair number of accounting personnel to be recent immigrants,” said Gustavson. “in additional to ourcertified professionals and accounting screening package we are offering international criminal and civil searches to the employers hiring for tax season. If an employer chooses to see if his employment candidate has any disturbing history in country of origin, it will have the capability to to check it out.”

Gustavson pointed out that it is important to conduct county criminal and county civil background checks, and federal civil background checks are absolutely necessary. He noted how the majority of white collar crimes are often federal cases.

“Of course you conduct federal criminal background checks,” said Gustavson. “But it is equally important to check federal civil background checks as well. Often the prosecutor will move the criminal case to civil because it is usually easier to get a conviction in civil court than criminal court. Financial cases are often complex and where it takes twelve jurors to convict in criminal court, only eight jurors are required to convict in civil court.”

Gustavson suggested that employment credit reports are often a prudent background check. “You may not want employees having access to sensitive personal data, including bank account and credit information,” said Gustavson. “In a world where identity theft and data hacking are commonplace, it is wise to take every precaution.

“The principles at Corra Group make themselves available to clients for any type of consultation,” said Gustavson. With regard to tax season we are well aware of what accounting firms require for their employment screening program. We believe such fundamental background searches as education verification and professional license verification are extremely wise.

“These may only be seasonal staff, temporary employees who are only there for a couple of months,” said Gustavson. “But the wrong hires can do a lot of damage to a firm’s reputation. If they are incompetent or dishonest,” their stigma will tarnish a firm well beyond the season.”

BACKGROUND: Corra operates as Corra Group and specializes in pre-employment background checks and corporate research and investigation. It is one of the few companies that will answer the phone. For more information please go to