TABS® the New Game Changing app is set to be the Uber of the Recruitment and HR Industry

  •  Reducing operational business costs when dealing with shift based and temp staff by up to 32%
  • Saving in-house recruitment teams  up to 40% in wasted time
  • The ability to send shift and job alerts and book staff in a just few clicks
  • The unique invention backed by BT’s ex-VP of global services and innovation stalwart

The UK temporary recruitment industry is worth over £32 billion with 1.7 million temporary staff within its ranks. This represents 5.3% of the UK’s total labour force and estimates predict the market will rise a further 11.9% between 2014 and 2018. Managing this huge workforce in a state of constant flux is the proverbial logistical nightmare and costly in time, money, efficiency and productivity for both in-house recruiters and agencies alike.

This will soon become a thing of the past with TABS®, an entirely customisable platform that will remove the friction and automate the process. TABS® (Temporary Assignment Booking System) is a web and mobile based App that provides a simple value proposition for temporary, recruitment agency and in-house HR functions and a totally new way to reduce the time costs and paperwork needed when using, booking and managing temporary, shift based staff and contractors.

This leading disruptive innovation was developed for the temporary recruitment industry, internal HR teams and companies who have shift based staff. Sectors set to benefit include supermarket chains, courier companies, the healthcare & telecommunications sectors, the emergency services or any businesses that manage temporary, shift based staff and short term contractors. The platform enables companies to utilise the TABS® platform in dedicated markets and wider territories globally.

The App manages all aspects of front and back office including: communications, bookings, scheduling, timesheet management, accounting and compliance all in one Smartphone App, web portal and TABS server  in real time and its unique features include:

  • Geo-location and real time temporary worker availability and search function
  • Multiple layers of search criteria displayed in a simple format
  • Live temporary assignment and job alerting and acceptance via App and SMS to either the agency or HR teams temp or freelance candidate pool
  • Quickest travel route to the assignment for the temporary workers with reporting and travel directions
  • A unique client portal for recruitment agency clients to search and issue live jobs & shift  requests allowing for 24/7 and out of hours service
  • Automated timesheet sign off and approval via a dedicated smartphone App
  • Automated submission and approval of compliance documents via the App
  • Automated client billing and invoicing for agencies and freelance contractors
  • Client/manager evaluation and rating of temporary staff and freelancers
  • Social media integration for candidate acquisition

TABS harnesses the latest in smartphone technology, but is future proofed to adapt in an ever-changing world via its fully customisable platform. And with 1.75 billion smartphones globally in 2014, forecast to rise by 17% by 2017, this platform has the ability to reach the local, regional and global workforces with just a few clicks.

The platform was invented by Xpert Inventions the commercial arm of a London based innovation agency chaired by Paul Excell the former CIO and CTO of BT and Greg Wixted, who oversees the innovation consultancy business and TABS®. He leads a team well versed in the world of invention and innovation that have delivered over 50 innovation projects in the UK and Europe and have a dedicated development lab in Belgrade with a team of 15 developers, coders and designers, delivering cutting edge technology innovation.

MD & founder of Xpert, Greg Wixted commented on the development of TABS®. “We developed it to negate many of the traditional recruitment agency and internal HR issues, such as the time and costs required to manage temps and freelancers and of course, to speed up the entire process. A good example of where TABS® helps is the NHS who need staff quickly, the whole process of booking locum doctors and nurses currently takes far too long. With TABS® a ward sister can just log into a portal, search for temps who are free and close by and issue a shift alert which the temp then accepts and arrives at work at the specified time. The fact the platform is live 24/7 means staff can be sourced at any time, day or night, even when their agency is closed, we think this gives any business or organisation a competitive advantage.”

Chairman of Xpert Inventions, Paul Excell states. “This really is a game-changing yet a very clear model. We customise the platform for any business or organisation building in their search criteria and corporate requirements, then charge a monthly subscription based on the number of users per month. This is a nominal charge in comparison to the savings that will be delivered. The advantage of Xpert being an invention business is that our customers will benefit as we further enhance the platform. We’re looking at biometric sign off time sheets, are developing a “vend off” solution, integration in external pay roll and accounting systems and other external and temporary staff loyalty rewards. No one else is doing this anywhere in the world.

For temps and freelancers TABS® will provide flexibility in hours, location and duration of employment and things traditionally done at specific places and times can now be done on the move and in real time with the device in a temp workers pocket. So whether it’s a temp, freelancer, agency or in-house team everyone will benefit from this innovative time and cost saving platform.