InsightSquared Report Reveals Traits Of The Most Successful Staffing & Recruiting Sales Teams

InsightSquared, the leading provider of staffing and recruiting analytics, released an extensive report today detailing the key benchmarks that staffing and recruiting firms need to know to achieve sales success.

This report provides data for executives who need to objectively evaluate their teams and pinpoint areas for improvement in their sales and recruiting process, by measuring themselves against the top sales teams in the industry.  InsightSquared analyzed sales performance data from over 100 staffing firms to pinpoint new insights about three critical sales performance metrics: Win rate, Time to Fill, and Job Order Volume – and the results were surprising.

The full report includes significant findings for both contract and permanent staffing & recruiting firms, including:

  • High-growth permanent firms process more job orders each month than their competitors, while also filling positions more quickly
  • High-growth contract firms work the most efficiently, maintaining smaller, more targeted pipelines of job orders
  • The Average Win rate for Best-in-Class teams is 20% for permanent and 25% for contract firms

A structured sales process is essential for every staffing & recruiting team.  The firms with the lowest growth in both segments exhibited symptoms of disorganized, overworked sales teams.  Being smarter about job order pipelines allows for more time to work select opportunities that are likely to close, rather than wasting time working many ill-fitting opportunities.

“The benchmarks gleaned from this data are invaluable to business leaders and we’re proud to provide access to this intelligence,” said CEO & Founder of InsightSquared, Fred Shilmover.  “As advocates of metrics-driven business decisions, we are excited to provide this resource to help staffing and recruiting teams measure themselves against the best and make 2015 their most successful year yet.”

The full report can be found at

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