New Disruptive Event Staff Scheduling Software Emerges From Beta & Opens Doors to All

For just under two years, QuickStaff has been in beta testing with select caterers, helping them schedule their event and temporary staff. On January 26, 2015, QuickStaff removed the beta tag, launched a new website and opened its doors to all types of businesses that use temporary staff.

“We learned that our solution really helped event-based companies, of which caterers are just one example. Mostonline staff scheduling software is geared towards regular shift work, and there are a lot of those out there. But we sensed a need for the scheduling of event based staff. QuickStaff is built for companies trying to schedule staff whose availability is unknown.” said Batsirai Chada, Co-Founder of QuickStaff

“Many companies send out mass emails or spreadsheets to their teams, wait to see who responds, and then try track the responses. It can be quite nerve-racking for the scheduler, consuming many hours, and not leaving the event manager with the confidence that enough staff have been booked.” That complexity rises even more when event details are changed, even just a slight change in the start time can have a dramatic effect on a staff member’s availability. Communicating and tracking all this data for all the events a company may have is a problem that QuickStaff and few others have been uniquely positioned to solve.

The new QuickStaff also helps these event-based staffing companies grow. Success for event staffing agencies means more events, which requires a bigger team (…and more administration!). In fact, fast growth can cripple the event agency whose scheduling process doesn’t scale. With online scheduling software like QuickStaff, event staffing agencies can grow to any size without adding to their scheduling time.

In fact, QuickStaff has reportedly helped many event staffing agencies to grow without headaches in the scheduling arena. One particular temporary staff agency grew from 30 staff to over 200 in such a short space of time.”Our 600% growth would have been impossible without Quickstaff, in fact that kind of growth might have killed us” said the owner of Elegant Events, a QuickStaff customer.

Caterers, event staffing agencies, photographers, wedding and event planners who need online scheduling software for the management of temporary and wait staff should take a close look at QuickStaff.

QuickStaff helps companies schedule their event staff, and shines when the staffing agency needs to confirm their staffs’ availability.

With top reviews (, the service is growing in its popularity due to features like it’s simplicity and clarity, makes scheduling an easy process. The clarity is especially helpful among staff for whom English is a second-language.

QuickStaff has custom roles make QuickStaff flexible enough to manage event photographers, theater production employees and wedding staff.

Integration – Staff and schedulers can sync their calendar with Google, iCal, Outlook, Yahoo and/or Hotmail.

The best staff scheduling software gets out of your way. QuickStaff is beautifully simple… yet capable. Customers rave about our ease of use, of how it brings order and clarity to their staff scheduling.”

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