Facteon, Inc. Exceeds $1 Billion Milestone In Capital Provided, Adds Brokers, Announces Conference Schedule For 2015

Invoice factoring’s most experienced industry team at Facteon announced they have exceeded $1 Billion in deals closed, are adding brokers and new businesses daily, and announced their 2015 conference schedule. Facteon was formed over 15 years ago, and is primarily focused on cash flow financing for small businesses through purchase of accounts receivable. New Market Development Executive Consultant Ken Hoogs made the announcements today. Mr. Hoogs stated: “This is a great opportunity to address tight credit situations for companies that are seeking a simple and transparent corporate finance solution that complements the banking industry and venture markets. All existing business billers will be considered for short-term financing of $250,000 to $1,000,000, at competitive industry rates and up to 85% of billed amount of your contract.” Facteon’s Conference Schedule for the coming months includes this week’s ACG Capital Connection (http://www.acg.org) event at theGeorgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, where Facteon will be an Exhibitor. This Spring, Facteon will be an Exhibitor at the NAELB – the equipment brokers association annual conference, and at the Cobb County Business Expo.

Facteon is a leading Accounts Receivable Funding company, and has been in business since 1999 serving the US nationwide. Mr. Hoogs explained that after 12 years of arranging private money equity, this solution provides a simpler, flexible and cost-effective solution for growing companies, especially as Facteon serves almost any industry. Recent sectors funded include industrial maintenance, mobile infrastructure, food distribution, contract labor, manufacturing, energy, security. Further, the company works with leading small-business ecosystem financial providers, such as banks, brokers, advisors, CPAs who help small businesses grow, and this is a great opportunity to provide solutions to customers where speed is a necessity and conventional financing or equity require a long-term commitment or are not being considered due to business type, credit, tax, stage, cash flow or tight credit market situations. The type of company Facteon will fund depends on factors such as: 1) the quality of the asset, 2) is the work completed, 3) is the payment coming to you.

About Facteon
Facteon is a privately held investment firm specializing in Accounts Receivable Funding. Facteon has been in business since 1999, directly financing business services in almost any sector nationwide. The company has exceeded a milestone $1 Billion in capital financing for growing small to mid-sized companies, and has many successful joint venture financing relationships to serve most any need in the lower-middle market. Corporate offices are located in Atlanta, GA, and broker affiliates are located nationwide. Please visit http://www.facteon.com, and check back shortly as we modernize our website with unique and engaging industry features.