VMS provider IQNavigator and Work Market form alliance

VMS provider IQNavigator and freelancer management system provider Work Market formed an alliance where IQNavigator’s customers have access to Work Market’s pool of freelancers.

And while last year VMS provider Beeline acquired online staffing firm OnForce, the teaming up of VMS and freelancer management system providers remains relatively new.

“What’s really interesting is what this means in the broader sense that these types of applications like freelancer management and online staffing are on the cusp of becoming mainstream tools,” said Bryan Peña, VP, contingent workforce strategies and research. “These sorts of partnerships will only pave the way for more dramatic ones.”

Individual managers at staffing buyers have been using online staffing already, but these alliances help forge a path for these technologies at the enterprise level, Peña said.

“There’s going to be a number of integration point between Work Market and IQNavigator,” Brian Hoffmeyer, IQNavigator’s VP of product marketing said. Customers can configure their own setup, but Work Market’s pool of freelancers will be treated as a supplier and go through the normal VMS process. There will be a consolidated electronic invoice. Work Market can also be a tier zero supplier for certain job categories — if a job isn’t filled by Work Market, it would go to other suppliers.

Customers can also continue to use their independent contractor compliance vendors in the system.

“It’s a natural combination of companies that are looking to provide a complete labor solution to their customers,” said Work Market CEO Stephen DeWitt in an interview Friday.

Work Market is one of five freelancer management systems reviewed in a report last year on the segment. Freelancer management system combines the disintermediating power of online staffing — enabling direct engagement with talent through the online platform — with HR tools and management functions required by large enterprises.

IQNavigator’s VMS counted the largest VMS providers in total in VMS, statement-of-work, total temp/contract and outsourced services. The company reports more than $19.9 billion in annual spend.

Hoffmeyer, said there is a growing demand among clients to engage the nonemployee workforce. The aim is to get the right worker at the right time and at the right cost while still getting quality.

Separately, research by Staffing Industry Analysts found users of staffing services were particularly bullish about use of statement-of-work/project-based workers, offshore workers and outsourced company functions. The research also found contingent workforce buyers were becoming more aware of online staffing with 50% indicating familiarity with online staffing in 2014, up from 41% in 2013.

IQNavigator and Work Market have been working together for months on the alliance, and work continues.

The alliance was announced last week. But separately today, Work Market also announced former CEO of Adecco Group North America will serve as chairman of its board. In addition to his experience at Adecco, Gilliam now serves as CEO of NES Global Talent, a specialist engineering and technical human capital solutions provider.

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