Spark Hire Releases Staffing Industry-Focused Video, “Recruit Like Dave”

Spark Hire (, the leading online video interviewing platform, has released a new video titled “Recruit Like Dave” which illustrates how Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions can help staffing and recruiting professionals beat their competition to achieve greatness.

“Recruit Like Dave” is a character-driven David and Goliath comedy about a high-powered boss, his know-it-all assistant, and a neglected recruiter, Dave Johnson. Soon after he was let go for being just a tad late to work one day, Dave rises above the competition and starts his own staffing firm by utilizing Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions. With Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform, Dave is able to better market his candidates to his clients and ends up raking in the dough, living it up while his boss, Mr. Wright, is proved to be wrong for firing Dave in the first place.

“At Spark Hire, we work with hundreds of staffing and recruiting companies, therefore, we understand the hyper-competitiveness of the industry,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “This was a really fun video for us to shoot to show staffing and recruiting professionals that video interviewing technology is not a complex tool, but an extremely powerful one that can accelerate candidate placement and help foster strong client relationships.”

To see what staffing and recruiting professionals can achieve by utilizing video interviews, check out the full video: “Recruit Like Dave”.

About Spark Hire:
Spark Hire is the fastest growing video interviewing platform in the world and leader in video interviews for staffing firms. Offering a completely branded one-way and recorded live video interview platform, Spark Hire enables staffing firms to connect faster with amazing talent, edge out competitors not utilizing the technology, and improve overall client collaboration. No contracts, no setup fees. Unlimited video interviews starting at $49/month. For more information, visit
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