erecruit and Fyre form Strategic Partnership – Fueling Staffing Company VMS Fulfillment and Candidate Sourcing

Today at Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2015 Executive Forum North America, erecruit™, the leading innovator in enterprise staffing software, vendor management systems (“VMS”) and onboarding solutions, announced it has partnered with Fyre to automate the syncing of VMS positions and to simplify candidate sourcing with its enterprise staffing software platform. In an environment where positions are filled in a matter of seconds, these innovative solutions will accelerate the way staffing companies prioritize and fulfill VMS positions.

erecruit‘s partnership with Fyre solves the major inefficiencies faced by all staffing companies working in the fast paced world of VMS fulfillment by enhancing the existing workflows of today and paving new roads of integration for the years to come. The new tools include:

  • VMS Sync: Automates position creation and status synchronization between VMS systems and erecruit with no manual involvement. In an environment where seconds matter, VMS sync is the edge recruiters need to stay alerted to positions that are active to fill orders faster than the competition.
  • Positon Sidebar: Integrates core job tracking functionality of erecruit directly into VMS websites. This allows erecruit users to save time by reducing data entry needs and provides a simple, one-click method to select and import positions as they are actively being viewed on a VMS website. With the ability to preview matching candidates that reside in erecruit to a VMS position directly from the sidebar, erecruit customers gain an advantage to submit faster.
  • Candidate Sidebar: Automates the creation and synchronization of candidates, contacts and leads within erecruit as users view information directly on job boards and websites. This allows recruiters to save time like never before by eliminating data entry needs by synchronizing candidate information directly into erecruit with a single click.

“We are thrilled to partner with erecruit and deploy Fyre’s game changing recruiting productivity enhancements amongst the erecruit customer base,” said Tim Arnold, CEO, Fyre. “Our solutions will dramatically enhance the productivity of erecruit users by eliminating manual data entry, allowing recruiters to source faster and fill more jobs.”

Staffing companies can unlock even further productivity gains by using erecruit’s staffing business process engine in conjunction with Fyre’s solutions. By setting up the rules to automate the prioritization, routing and alerting of position information within erecruit, customers have the competitive edge to ensure the right recruiters work positions that are the most profitable, highest priority or have the highest probability to fill, based on their exact criteria. Now, instead of wasting time manually entering positions, or even worse, working on positions that have already been closed in the VMS system, recruiters stay alerted-to and focused-on the best VMS opportunities to win.

“VMS integration, or rather the lack thereof, is an industry wide problem that is ripe for a modern, innovative solution,” said Sara Moss, VP of Staffing Best Practices, erecruit. “Fyre’s technology is game changing and will be a critical tool for erecruit customers to boost VMS fill rates. We could not be more excited to partner with the Fyre team and to offer their productivity tools to our customers.”

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About Fyre:

Fyre empowers staffing agencies and human resources teams with the tools to simplify and speed up the candidate search and placement process. The Fyre team has a deep understanding of the challenges in staffing with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is on a mission to streamline and automate tasks that have plagued the industry for decades. To learn more, visit