New Talent Management Software, HIRE, Offers Customizable Placement Workflow

HIRE, the newest offering by TempWorks Software, launches today as the first talent management system designed from the ground up to give recruiters the ability to efficiently ease workflow and increase productivity. HIRE is designed to offer cutting-edge technology that adapts to the ever-changing needs of each client and the recruitment industry. The software focuses on providing customers with flexible options and software enhancements unavailable with current market offerings.

HIRE is the only solution to give recruiters a choice in browser-based recruitment software, allowing for customization based on workflow. This is unique from other solutions that force recruiters to conform to a predetermined workflow. Placement workflow can be tailored to match the unique requirements of each customer and gives recruiters the tools needed to meet company revenue and customer service goals simultaneously.

“HIRE allows my recruiters to work more efficiently, managing more candidates and more complicated placements than they could with our previous big box system,” said Bill Peppler, Managing Partner of Kavaliro, an Orlando-based staffing firm. “It’s as if the software developers were in the heads of my recruiters when they created HIRE.”

The software is designed to make talent management more efficient to attract and find the right candidates quickly, then remain better organized throughout the fast-paced placement process. HIRE uses a comprehensive browser and mobile tool to align the talent management strategy with customer needs.

Recruiters are also able to requisition and create candidates directly from email, with or without staff interventions. The electronic applicant capture and onboarding features allow companies to implement completely paperless processes, while automatic and external job board publishing with associated placement metrics ensure smart advertising decisions in the future.

“We wanted to provide a simple solution that ultimately creates more time for the recruiter without sacrificing efficiency,” said David Dourgarian, CEO of TempWorks Software. “Recruiters juggle so many demands and needs. The ability to customize settings means you are able to better meet the needs of each client individually.”

About TempWorks:
TempWorks Software is an Eagan, MN provider of staffing software and payroll funding with 110 employees and 2014 sales of over $16,000,000. A proven technology partner in the USA for nearly 20 years, TempWorks is a family run business with a nimble management team capable of making quick decisions while providing excellent customer service.

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