IQNavigator Continues to Deliver on Product Roadmap with Significant Enhancements to SaaS Platform for Managing Non-Employee Workforce

IQNavigator, the leading, independent provider of non-employee workforce management solutions, continues to achieve key milestones in its product roadmap with major platform enhancements that help companies manage their contingent workforce more strategically and efficiently.

IQNavigator introduced new capabilities of its Vendor Management System (VMS) solution to customers during the second half of 2014, and the Company will continue to focus on key milestones that deliver significant value and a better customer experience in the coming months.

Recently launched product enhancements include:

  • IQNtelligence: Powerful analytics driven by business intelligence (BI) capabilities that are embedded into the IQNavigator platform. IQNtelligence, which is available to all system users, enables customers to have greater insight into their contingent workforce, manage that workforce in more informed ways, and generate compelling reporting for constituents that are monitoring ROI.
  • TalentIQN: Talent pool functionality that reconnects customers with qualified non-employees that have previously worked in their organizations through an intuitive search engine.
  • Ariba Integration: Integration with Ariba software, which enables customers to manage their IQN assignments in Ariba and automate vital steps in the contingent labor engagement process.
  • IQN Labs: The industrys first and only forum for creative, collaborative and data-driven innovation. IQN Labs develops and refines scientific approaches to help enterprises make more informed decisions to better manage and optimize contingent labor and statement of work (SOW) engagements.
  • Invoice, Timecard, Overtime and SOW Management: New capabilities that enable companies to manage invoicing, timecards, overtime and SOWs in a more streamlined way.

We listened to our customers and promised a lot when we unveiled our product roadmap at the IQNsiders event last year, and I am pleased to report that we have delivered on those promises, said Joe Juliano, president and CEO, IQNavigator. We are the only independent company in the VMS market to have this level of transparency about our roadmap, and that has tremendous value for our customers. It gives them a clear, reliable timeline of what functionality is in the works, when it will be in their hands, and when they can start using it to address the rapidly evolving needs of managing contingent workers. What we delivered in 2014 was only the beginning. I am really excited about furthering our customer experience for the coming year.

IQNavigator will deliver the following product enhancements in the coming months:

  • IQN Labs Deliverables: IQNavigator will complete the inaugural data science projects being conducted in partnership with major customers, including a large manufacturing company and a large entertainment company. The focus of these initial projects include reducing time to fill, maximizing ROI for contingent worker programs and quantifying the impact of VMS. IQNavigator will deliver enhanced functionality to all of its customers based on the outcomes of these IQN Labs data science initiatives.
  • Localized Mobile Apps for EMEA: IQNavigator will launch localized versions of its award-winning mobile apps, giving customers in EMEA country-specific apps for timecard management, invoice submission and more.
  • Dedicated EMEA Data Center: IQNavigators new, online EMEA data center, providing dedicated IT infrastructure to support IQNavigators rapidly growing customer base throughout Europe.
  • Talent Pools: IQNavigator will allow its customers to create and manage a community of pre-vetted talent in order to give their organizations access to new and untapped resources. Advanced data analytics will help identify top available talent and sources.
  • Compass: Compass is a new an intuitive way to guide managers through contingent and SOW engagements by embedding advanced analytics in the talent requisition workflow. Compass will streamline a managers ability to find the right talent for the right role.
  • Enhanced Billing Rate Insights: IQNavigator will deliver new information resources to customers about billing rates for various categories of workers, giving companies additional insight into labor costs, and helping them control spend and negotiate more effectively with contingent workers and suppliers.
  • Enhanced Support for Third-Party Applications: IQNavigator will deliver a number of web services and APIs that enable organizations to connect third-party apps to IQNavigators VMS platform.

In 2014, we made significant enhancements to our platform and reporting tools, developed an EMEA data center and launched a robust data science organization, said Sherri Hammons, Chief Technology Officer, IQNavigator. More importantly, we established an effective way for our customers to provide us input and guidance on the direction of our technology roadmap. This year, well remain focused on delivering products that maximize value for our customers and reflect our focus on innovative solutions. The year 2015 will be extraordinary for anyone using our platform.

These enhancements will be unveiled at the Companys 2015 IQNsiders event:

For more information about IQNavigators product and technology roadmap, visit here.

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