NICE Launches Employee Engagement Manager for Greater Scheduling Agility and Employee Satisfaction

 NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) today announced the launch of Employee Engagement Manager, a new Workforce Management (WFM) capability that allows both employees and managers to control scheduling in real-time based on actual demand. This added scheduling agility also enables organizations to promptly address unexpected events, helping to optimize staffing levels at all times.

The solution, which leverages WorkFlex’s technology, offers benefits across the organization. It is available via mobile app, allowing managers complete visibility while on-the-go and giving employees access to their schedules even when away from the office.

Managers can optimize team performance through a mobile-tablet optimized dashboard that provides real-time access to KPIs and schedule change visibility and control. The Manager Suite includes:

  • Business rules management
  • Alert management (operational KPIs; employee KPIs; schedule event notifications; real-time adherence; skill coverage)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Reports

Employees can instantly change their schedules anywhere, anytime using an intelligent mobile app to respond to a call to action, or to proactively participate in keeping their schedules up-to-date with changes. The Employee Suite includes:

  • Preferences (DND; contact; VTO, OT)
  • Schedule modifications
  • At-home employee segment self-assignment
  • Shift trade
  • Absence requests
  • Time swap

Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group
“This solution gives NICE WFM users access to what we believe are unprecedented scheduling agility capabilities. This will help our clients achieve the highest levels of performance, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction, further positioning them to deliver a perfect customer experience. We also believe that the integration of mobile technology into our WFM offering will extend our leadership in the Workforce Optimization market.”

Larry Schwartz, CEO, WorkFlex Solutions
“We are pleased to expand our partnership with NICE, which will enable its user base to seamlessly integrate our unique Intelligent Intraday Automation® technology. These companies will benefit from a more engaged workforce as well as improved customer satisfaction, lower employee turnover, and reduced overhead.”

The NICE Workforce Optimization suite leverages integrated capabilities for Workforce Management, Performance Management, Quality Management, Interaction Analytics, Real-Time Guidance and Automation, and Voice of Customer Feedback. NICE Workforce Optimization aligns organizations around schedules, customer insights and performance metrics, and drives daily action at the frontline to transform culture and customer experience.

NICE executives will demonstrate the Workforce Management solution at Interactions 2015, June 1-4, in San Antonio, Texas. For more information on the conference, please visit

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