Bibby Financial Services Funds Recently Founded Staffing Company

Bibby Financial Services announces today a successful partnership with STAT Nursing Services. With funding from Bibby Financial Services, the company is able to successfully provide staffing services for hospitals and medical facilities across the U.S.

STAT Nursing Services first engaged with Bibby Financial Services after being awarded a major contract to provide nurse staffing services to a nationwide network of medical facilities. The newly founded company found itself in immediate need of the funds to staff a contract of that size due to the lengthy time gap between invoice and payment in the staffing industry.

Bibby Financial Services recognized the company’s potential for growth and provided a customized funding solution based on the company’s current accounts receivable.

“Working with Bibby Financial Services makes operating a business less stressful,” says Lindsay Vela, CEO and owner of STAT Nursing Services. “We know that Bibby Financial Services is a solid company to work with. If we have another hospital or group of hospitals we can staff, they give us that stability to say yes and know we are able to cover payroll and all other expenses.”

By having a flexible funding solution in place, STAT Nursing Services is able to take on new staffing contacts as they arise, putting the company on a strong trajectory for long-term growth.

“We take pride in the ability to ignite additional progress in companies with the potential for high growth,” says Leigh Lones, Bibby Financial Services Americas CEO. “The ability to tailor our financial offerings to meet the needs of companies like STAT Nursing Services gives us a great sense of accomplishment.”

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