Grasshopper Staffing, Inc. Streamlines Operations by Incorporating Carvin Software

Grasshopper Staffing, Inc., a division of Tomichi Creek Outfitters (TCKF), has begun streamlining their operations by incorporating the use of Carvin Software.

Carvin was developed through collaboration between staffing company owners, users, employees, sales teams and their programming staff to provide an optimized integration of applicant tracking, worker dispatch, transportation, payroll, funding, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax reporting, work compensation, invoicing, and garnishments, according to the company’s website.

Carvin’s website also states “Founded in 2003, Carvin Software helps staffing companies save money by providing solutions to automate and streamline their operations.”

Carvin is also industry partners with the American Staffing Association, New York Staffing Association, California Staffing Professionals, Florida Staffing Association, and Tempnet.

“I am elated to finally have the many functions of our operations integrated into one software solution. The implementation of this software will not only streamline the operations of Grasshopper Staffing, Inc., but it will also allow us to pay our employees through direct deposit to a bank account, or to a pay card we will be able to provide.” stated Melanie Osterman President, Director, and CEO of Tomichi Creek Outfitters.

“We have anticipated the implementation of this software system from day one, and after much consideration, I am confident in our decision. As Grasshopper’s Staffing and Recruiting Supervisor as well, I can tell you that this software brings everything I need to serve our employees and clients and puts it into one place.” Osterman also commented.

Grasshopper Staffing, Inc. began using Carvin near the end of May, and all employees and clients have been converted into the new system. Grasshopper anticipates Carvin to increase productivity by approximately 40 percent.

Grasshopper Staffing is dedicated to providing the state of Colorado with a skilled and trustworthy workforce, and we are committed to providing our candidates with a thorough education before presenting them to potential employers.

GrasshopperStaffing, Inc. was founded in 2015; their mission is to serve Colorado’s need for a skilled and trustworthy cannabis workforce with integrity, professionalism, and legitimacy.

Grasshopper specializes in providing budtender, trimmer, janitorial, security, payroll, armored transport, edible production, infusion, grow, irrigation, IT, web design and event services.

Their offices are located at 200 S. Victoria Ave, Pueblo, Colo. 81003. Their operating hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Additional corporate information can be found on the company’s website:

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