ACA Compliance Case Studies: Hospitality and Staffing Industries

Time is running out for those who haven’t started working on their Affordable Care Act reporting, and compliance will be especially challenging for companies in the Hospitality and Staffing Industries with their complex workforces.

Staffing agencies struggle to measure eligibility for “candidates”, whether they work long-term or pick up hours here and there. Who should be covered? When are they considered terminated? How do return-to-service rules apply? How do date of hire and start date impact eligibility?

The Hospitality industry must track full time and seasonal employees, with the added complexity of shift employees, specialized staff, and foreign employees. Some organizations may have employees who work at multiple locations, complicating hourly tracking.

Join Tango as we explain the challenges faced by these industries and outline case studies that utilize best practices for ACA compliance and IRS reporting.

Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Time: 12:00 Central (1:00 Eastern)
Link: ACA Compliance Case Studies: Hospitality and Staffing Industries