Integrity Data Acquires Sypnio Software, Ramps Up ACA Muscle

“Due to the urgency for employers to prepare for the intricate new IRS reporting come January 2016, we made the strategic decision to bring in an all-inclusive solution that will benefit our reselling partners and customers,” says Patrick Doolin, CEO of Integrity Data, referring to the acquisition that fits perfectly intoIntegrity Data’s existing suite of solutions. “Customers will experience the best of both worlds: Sypnio’s solution and deep understanding of the ACA regulations, along with Integrity Data’s reputation for excellent customer care and high quality solutions.”

Now known as the Sypnio ACA Compliance Solution, this software provides companies:

  • Business intelligence to address reporting and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of incurring IRS penalties due to non-compliance.
  • Broad automation to complete new IRS forms.

“It’s an honor to know that, as more and more companies seek out our solution, we’ve not only got backup, we’ve got best-of-breed backup,” says Helen Karakoudas, Sypnio founder. “Our mission is to keep people’s heads from spinning. Integrity Data’s talent for product testing and their power for product delivery will amp up what we do for businesses of all sizes, both in the Microsoft channel and beyond.”

Coupling Sypnio’s ACA code with Integrity Data’s technology means that any organization, regardless of where they process payroll, can use this product to meet new federal reporting requirements.

“Together with our bandwidth and added automation, we will make employer compliance with the Affordable Care Act a non-issue,” says Doolin, who is welcoming Sypnio staff into the Integrity Data family. Karakoudas, a journalist, and Ernie Redfern, Sypnio’s lead developer and head of implementation and support, are being brought in as ACA Education and Compliance experts, a great benefit to Integrity Data and their partners and customers.

News of the acquisition is well-received among the partners and users that Integrity Data and Sypnio already share. “Perfect” surfaces in every comment.

“The perfect partnership to take an already great product to the next level,” says Cathy Reichelderfer, Chief Financial Officer of JFC Staffing Companies, a network of employment agencies based in Pennsylvania that is a long-time customer of Integrity Data and an early adopter of Sypnio.

“A perfect fit,” according to James Meyer, Director of the Business Solutions and Technology division at Maner Costerisan, a leading CPA firm in Michigan. “We are happy to offer our clients the quality products and services from both Integrity Data and Sypnio. With ACA in particular, we know we’re ahead of the pack because of Sypnio,” Meyer says. “We have been getting great feedback from our clients using their products. Sypnio spoke at our users’ conference last year and it is clear that their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed when it comes to ACA.”

Integrity Data is a leader in the application of technology to improve business processes around payroll processing and human resources data. Headquartered in Lincoln, Ill., and founded in 1996, Integrity Data serves over 7,500 organizations worldwide. From small businesses to some of the largest and fastest growing organizations worldwide, Integrity Data strives to ensure that their most valuable asset, their employees, are paid accurately and efficiently.

Sypnio Software is a Joliet, Ill.-based independent software vendor founded in July 2014 to focus exclusively on simplifying compliance with the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act. Companies using Sypnio applications range from a nonprofit in North Dakota with 106 employees to a national restaurant management company with more than 60,000 employees. In addition to being known for quick-to-implement, well-supported software, Sypnio has gained recognition as an educational resource. Its consulting clients include the national tax teams of accounting firms and the compliance managers of insurance and benefits brokerages.

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