Automated Business Designs, Inc. Presents its Revolutionary Ultra-Staff Labor Staffing Scheduling Software

Automated Business Designs, Inc., developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software, has specialty staffing markets in mind when it comes to the Scheduling Module. This powerful tool allows for fast, safe and secure access for employee check in and dispatch. Once employees are assigned, individual employee or group work tickets can be instantly printed.

ABD’s Vice President of System Engineering, Molly Nessinger, shares her insight on the module: “The Labor Staffing Scheduling Module affords a quick view of jobs that need to be filled. With a simple drag and drop, checked in and available employees are quickly and easily put to work. Work tickets can be printed individually, or by job – whichever the client prefers. Best of all, everything integrates with back office in order to produce checks and invoices. Employees can even pick up their checks same day or earnings can be put on a cash card!”

Key features of the Scheduling Module include:

  •     Employees Check in On-Site or Remotely
  •     Staffers Have Instant Access to Checked In Employees
  •     Open Jobs Display with Open and Filled Status
  •     Employee Information at a Glance
  •     Job Requirements at a Glance (Boots, goggles, etc.)
  •     Job Details at a Glance (Rates, job description, location, etc.)
  •     Simple Drag and Drop Interface to Fill Open Jobs with Available Employees
  •     Print or Email Individual or Group Work Tickets
  •     Employee Time Submittal Capability Offers Daily or Weekly Pay

Automated Business Designs has worked in the recruiting and staffing industry since 1982. The specialized team at Automated Business Designs, Inc. offers an expansive collection of service offerings. ABD’s development team exploits a distinctive blend of staffing industry intelligence and the state-of-the-art development tools available from Microsoft®.

“The Ultra-Staff Scheduling Module is a game changer!” said Vic Beltz, Cleveland Regional Manager, of Minute Men Staffing. “Who wouldn’t want their job orders organized by day and by start time? The ability to drag and drop applicants, in an interactive setting, is revolutionary! I love it and use it every day.”

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Ultra-Staff is a registered trademark of Automated Business Designs, Inc.