COMPAS ATS/CRM Launches a New Talent Search Engine, Enabling Businesses to Leverage Existing Candidate Data Better than Ever Before

COMPAS Technology, an enterprise cloud-based ATS/CRM platform, releases a new Talent Search engine that enables customers to search within their private instance, from a single search bar. Built around the premise of simplicity and a recruiter’s need for speed, COMPAS’ elegant single page design allows users to leverage their existing candidate pool to quickly source talent. This search engine responds in sub-second time, is highly configurable, offers bulk activities and works seamlessly with COMPAS’ Talent CRM to help you manage candidate engagement.

When positions open, a recruiter’s first instinct is to start their search on external sites. This stems from inadequate search functionality provided by the ATS and Talent Management platforms of their past. Our new search engine was built with engagement in mind, enabling users to choose from a wide array of tailored criteria (education, work history, geographic location, skills, previous communications, position engagement, etc.) to narrow the scope of their talent and engage with top prospects instantly. “Many customers own hundreds of thousands of candidate profiles. Our new search engine allows companies to properly leverage candidate information already at their fingertips, decreasing external recruiting costs and reducing the time it takes to fills positions. Today, candidate data is easy to collect but legacy recruiting platforms make it difficult to unlock its true value to a recruiting organization. Our New Talent Search engine puts the power of their existing data back into the hands of our users.” said Brian Vesce, COMPAS Founder & CEO.

Talent Search is the latest in innovative releases by COMPAS, the first of many new product innovations scheduled to be delivered this year. COMPAS release cycles are unique in that customers do not need to perform formal migrations to take advantage of new features, nor will they experience any downtime when upgrading. “We’ve developed a proprietary in-app notification system that allows users to instantly upgrade apps, when users are ready. This allows our user base to select which product upgrades to take advantage of at their convenience. Which also builds trust while engaging users in our development roadmap. Recruiters are busy and they should not be forced onto new products. We allow them to seamlessly upgrade whenever they’re ready.” said CTO & Co-Founder Philip Atkins.

About COMPAS Technology:
COMPAS Technology, headquartered in San Francisco, provides industry leading cloud-based ATS & CRM solutions to the Corporate Enterprise and Recruiting Agencies. Since 2008, COMPAS has been committed to helping recruiters and human resource professionals leverage true cloud based recruiting software to source, engage and recruit highly qualified talent. To learn more, or follow @mycompas on Twitter.