Greenhouse Teams Up With WePow to Help Employers Streamline Recruitment Process

Greenhouse Software, the leading recruiting optimization platform, today announced details of its newest partnership, which seamlessly integrates the video interviewing solutions from WePow with the powerful Greenhouse platform. By partnering with WePow, Greenhouse is helping its clients further improve their speed-to-hire and bring in qualified candidates faster.

More recruiters than ever before are turning to video interviewing software to conduct initial job screenings and interviews, due to the time and cost savings this technology can deliver. In addition to these benefits, however, video interviewing also gives companies deeper insight into a candidate’s soft skills and helps recruiters evaluate culture fit earlier in the recruitment process. Through the integration with WePow, Greenhouse users will have access to video interviewing solutions, which improve their everyday hiring decisions.

The integration enables employers to use the easy-to-use WePow pre-recorded interview builder from directly within Greenhouse to further engage candidates and assess their personalities, values and attitudes. By using video during the recruitment phase, employers can create engaging experiences that not only attract candidates from diverse backgrounds and skill sets but that also decrease the amount of time, resources and effort required from the hiring team. Video interviewing also provides employers with a more streamlined screening process that is consistent, scalable and more efficient for everyone involved.

Additional benefits of the Greenhouse and WePow integration include:

  • Streamlined communications: Similar to Greenhouse’s team management feature, WePow enables employers to assign roles to each hiring team member, monitor their activities and send status updates to hiring managers, recruiters and candidates.
  • Improved candidate engagement: Exciting career videos, personalized introductions from hiring managers and customizable aesthetics to match a company’s brand enable new methods for employers to engage with candidates.
  • Time savings: The WePow solution allows recruiters to import candidates from any spreadsheet, eliminating redundancy in data entry and processing.
  • Enhanced employer branding: Through WePow’s fully branded web and mobile video interviewing solution, employers can turn candidates into brand ambassadors by sharing the company’s unique story, values and culture with them.

“Any hiring manager or recruiter will tell you they are busier today than ever before. What they need are more efficient methods to screen the large volume of candidates vying for positions within their company,” said Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse. “Greenhouse remains committed to partnering with organizations that share our mission to facilitate the recruitment process. Our integration with WePow enhances our customers’ ability to make better hiring decisions, enabling them to funnel the best-fit candidates through the appropriate phases of the recruitment process much more quickly.”

“Identifying candidates who will thrive within an organization can be a daunting and time-consuming proposition,” said Imo Udom, CEO of WePow. “We created our WePow video solutions to give employers a sneak peek into the candidate’s story before going through the hassle of scheduling an in-person interview. We are excited to partner with Greenhouse to help companies get the right candidates into the right roles sooner.”

Additional information about the Greenhouse integration with WePow is available at:

About WePow
WePow, a leading provider of talent acquisition technology, powers the communication between recruiters and candidates through its branded pre-recorded and live video-interviewing platform. WePow’s recruitment communication solutions help some of the best companies in the world make their recruitment process more efficient and effective. WePow is one of the largest and fastest-growing video recruitment solution providers serving clients in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe, including adidas, Genentech and Heineken.

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About Greenhouse
Greenhouse Software is a recruiting optimization platform that helps companies source, interview and hire the best talent. Located in San Francisco and New York City, Greenhouse was founded by Daniel Chait and Jon Stross. Greenhouse currently works with companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Riot Games and more. To learn more or request a demo visit