Avionte and myHRcounsel announce partnership!

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between recruiting and staffing software provider Avionté and myHRcounsel, which provides over 35 attorney advisors on all Federal and 50 State employment laws. Effective on September 15, 2015, the partnership will give staffing firms additional resources to navigate ACA compliance, ever changing sick leave laws, modifications to EEOC and OSHA requirements and more.

 “Compliance concerns are only getting more complex, and following these business laws requires a great system and knowledgeable counsel,” said myHRcounsel’s President Mark Young. “This new partnership combines Avionté’s powerful staffing software solutions with the knowledgeable team at myHRcounsel, giving Avionté users the right tools and resources without the high fees incurred with attorneys.”

 Avionté is the leading provider of front office and back office software for staffing companies. From job posting to on-boarding all the way through payroll and tax filing and payments, Avionté offers staffing firms a state-of-the-art SaaS-based tool for running their businesses efficiently and lawfully. And with the role out of the ACA, Avionté created fully compliant features that handle the intricate tracking regulations through to being able to handle the filling requirements with ease.

 Bringing together Avionte’s industry-leading technology tools and the team at myHRcounsel, staffing professionals can now avoid the hassles and high fees incurred with attorneys for answering everyday HR compliance questions. With their unique business model, myHRcounsel provides legal protection, compliance guidance, counsel and important current documentation on the HR and legal functions critical to staffing firm owners. The company is on-call and online seven days a week for a low monthly fee.

 “Our recent partnership with myHRcounsel will provide immense benefits to our expanding client base, as business and HR laws become increasingly complicated and the staffing industry continues to grow,” said Avionté CEO John Long. “The team at myHRcounsel is top-notch and I am confident they will be a valuable asset to our clients.”

 About Avionté

Avionté was founded in 2005 with the mission to bring a fully integrated front and back office solution to staffing firms. Founded by veterans of the staffing software industry, Avionté was able to bring dozens of years of experience to the table to create today’s industry-leading technology solutions. Today, Avionté proudly supports over 10,000 users and over 300 clients. To learn more, visit www.avionte.com.

 About myHRcounsel

myHRcounsel offers HR management, employment law compliance, employee on-boarding, employee off-boarding and help with related legal and business issues. Their 20 year history of providing services in their unique format means their clients can receive instant answers on everyday HR compliance questions at a greatly reduced fee. The HR Concierge is provided for a small monthly fee ($3-5/mo. per employee) and is available seven days a week by phone or email. To learn more, visit www.myHRcounsel.com.