erecruit™ Partners with Textkernel to Innovate the Candidate Search and Match Experience for the Staffing Industry

Today, erecruit™, the leading innovator in enterprise staffing software, vendor management systems (“VMS”) and onboarding solutions, announced it has partnered with Textkernel, a leading-edge semantic recruitment technology company recently acquired by CareerBuilder, to bring the next generation semantic candidate search and match experience to the global staffing market. Textkernel will be seamlessly integrated with erecruit and included in the base product for all erecruit customers.

Historically, staffing companies have had a difficult time mining their own candidate databases and have relied on third-party sources to find talent for their clients. Over the years, companies have amassed databases of millions of candidates but have not reaped the full benefit of that investment because applicant tracking systems have not kept pace with the latest in search and match technology.

“We have been on the lookout for the next generation search and match technology, one that provides a powerful engine with the easiest possible user experience,” said Danko Fatovic, Vice Chairman, Chief Product Officer, erecruit. “As we know from using the consumer Internet, modern search engines are expected to understand more than just keywords, they must understand the meaning behind the search and rank results intelligently in order to present the best possible results to recruiters. Textkernel offers the best semantic solution on the market and we are proud to partner with them.”

Combining the power of Textkernel with erecruit‘s business process engine will create an unparalleled search experience for recruiters. Candidate shortlists can be automatically created and matched to a position without any data entry and erecruit‘s workflow can initiate automated next-step actions. Matches can be automatically optimized over time by learning from feedback that users are generating when they invite candidates for interviews, reject candidates and more.

The integration of Textkernel’s technology into erecruit‘s enterprise staffing software platform will bring the following benefits to erecruit customers:

  • Speeds reaction times and creates more phone-time for recruiters by combining Textkernel matching technology with erecruit‘s workflow automation
  • Simplifies the user experience by leveraging natural language search query processing
  • Keeps recruiters working closer to the dollar with transparent and tunable relevancy scoring
  • Improves match quality over time with machine learning
  • Maximizes recruiter efficiency with value-added search features such as saved, scheduled and shared searches
  • Eliminates manual maintenance by utilizing a knowledge base of recruitment-specific terminology including skills, synonyms, competencies, ontologies, education and company listings by automatically enriching candidate data and queries
  • Delivers enterprise-class performance, scalability and multi-lingual capabilities

“We have recruited some of the best minds in the semantic search and machine learning space and spent more than a decade honing our technology for the recruiting industry. This has allowed us to provide a search experience that helps recruiters find candidates faster,” said Jakub Zavrel, Founder and CEO of Textkernel. “We are pleased to partner with a company with a shared vision of innovation as well as commitment to the staffing industry.”

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with erecruit as we bring new possibilities to the recruiting space,” said Eric Gilpin, President of Vertical Sales at CareerBuilder. “This partnership will provideerecruit customers with a cutting edge search experience, boosting productivity and efficiency.”

About erecruit
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About Textkernel
Textkernel specializes in semantic recruitment technology providing multilingual CV parsing, job parsing, and semantic search, sourcing and matching software to help accelerate the process of matching supply and demand in the job market. The company was founded in 2001 as a private commercial R&D spin-off of research in natural language processing and machine learning at the universities of Tilburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Textkernel now operates internationally as the leader in multilingual semantic recruitment technology. For more information,