JobDiva Patents New Synchronization Technology

Software to Help With the Synchronization and Maintenance of Big Data

Today JobDiva Inc.® ( announces the issuing of the U.S. Patent No. 9,158,600, “System and Method for Automating the Transfer of Data from a Web Interface to a Database or Another Web Interface” to Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva, Inc. and Charbel (Charles) Rouhana, SVP of Technology and Deployment at JobDiva, Inc. The patent has been issued by the United States Patent and Trade Mark office. JobDiva, the global technology leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Talent Management Solutions patented this new technology providing for secured synchronization between systems and databases. This technology further advances JobDiva’s promise to its clients of eliminating data maintenance and securing data access and transport.

JobDiva believes that data should be event-driven, and that data entered at one location should propagate automatically to all other assigned locations. JobDiva’s innovative solution facilitates this propagation. JobDiva strives to enable data access in disparate locations within the guidelines of data ownership and security.

Regarding the issuing of the patent, Diya Obeid, CEO of JobDiva, commented, “JobDiva has great appreciation for laws that protect our IP, and for a market that respects IP. IP protection incentivizes innovators to invest in sharing their creations as well as encourages early adopters in differentiating their offerings.”

In providing for the tracked automated transfer of data, this patent makes the practitioner accountable and offers data security for the author and copyright beneficiary.

JobDiva has been at the forefront of delivering effective, innovative solutions while serving more than 17,000 global staffing professionals who support Fortune 500 clients and represent over $25 billion in combined revenue in the Staffing and Recruitment industry worldwide. As today’s leading global Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and front-to-back Talent Management solution, JobDiva combines a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, automated resume harvesting, a Mobile App, and much more. The true innovator in Talent Management, JobDiva offers more patent-protected features than any other solution on the market — including the unique ability to search resumes for “skills by years of experience” — and hosts the largest resume database worldwide. More information about JobDiva can be found at