SYNETY Releases Integration of CloudCall with TrackerRMS Software

SYNETY, a leading cloud-based software and communications company has released the integration of its CloudCall telephony solution with recruitment software provider, TrackerRMS.

TrackerRMS is a specialist recruitment software partner that works with both in-house and consulting recruitment functions.  With TrackerRMS you are able to manage your candidates and available positions in one central system, features include: workflow design, templates and real time reporting.

CloudCall integrates seamlessly with TrackerRMS recruitment and CRM software while offering TrackerRMS users greater flexibility with the ability to enhance user productivity and efficiency.   Real-time analytics are also available via the CloudCall Portal.

David Alonso, TrackerRMS CEO and President commented: “TrackerRMS integrating with CloudCall will offer our clients the speed and efficiency necessary to run a successful company. The features that CloudCall provides works directly with the needs of TrackerRMS and our clients. Our users have the ability to record and replay calls, access CloudCall on any device, all without changing their current phone system. As a leading cloud-based recruitment and CRM software, TrackerRMS is thrilled to integrate with CloudCall by SYNETY.”

Mark Seemann, CEO of SYNETY, said: “We are pleased to integrate our CloudCall software with TrackerRMS. Our CloudCall functionality adds benefits to businesses by highlighting all of their activity and interactions with their customers. This enables them to manage their business activities more effectively. CloudCall is a simple add-on that, alongside its integration with TrackerRMS, will provide their users with a powerful solution that incorporates sophisticated telephony functions with the TrackerRMS database.”

For more information about CloudCall for TrackerRMS, please contact the TrackerRMS sales team at (858) 216-2019 for US, +44 (0) 845 126 2300 for UK, or email The CloudCall by SYNETY sales team can be reached at (617) 982-1600 for US, +44 (0) 330 335 0000 for UK, or email Alternatively, visit the CloudCall website: