MaxServices Group Certifies Two Healthcare Reform Specialists® to assist Employers with Affordable Care Act Requirements

Two key staff receive prominent healthcare reform certification

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts – MaxServices Group is pleased to announce that two of their key staff, Kendra Strickland, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Kim Robson, Senior Product Manager are Certified

Healthcare Reform Specialists® (CHRS), a prominent designation from the Health Care Reform Center and Policy Institute.

The CHRS designation creates a more advanced level of understanding and knowledge of healthcare reform and the complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“The driver is to assist employers in making knowledgeable decisions about their business particularly the tracking, reporting and compliance requirements from the IRS for ACA. With Kim and Kendra as our in-house experts to help clients stay on top of the rules and regulations in conjunction with Max’s ACA modules it’s a winning combination,” stated Chris Panagiotopoulos, CEO and Founder.

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