Bullhorn Introduces New Offerings to Help Firms Build Better Candidate Relationships and Streamline Operations

New Offerings Provide Real-time Insights into Candidate Engagement and Accelerate the VMS Applicant Submission Process

Bullhorn®, the cloud-based CRM provider that puts powerful customer insights at users’ fingertips, today announced new product capabilities that empower staffing and recruiting firms to grow their businesses through improved relationships with candidates and greater efficiencies in the end-to-end recruiting lifecycle. New offerings that include candidate insights with Bullhorn Pulse and faster candidate submissions with Bullhorn VMS Access Slingshot move the industry forward by introducing innovations that help fill more jobs, more quickly and build deeper engagement with candidates.

“It’s a candidate’s market today, and the pressure for recruiters to attract and nurture talent has never been more intense. Successful firms are building stronger candidate relationships through a higher level of engagement with each candidate. Deeper relationships require more effort, so forward-thinking firms are developing more effective processes at every stage in the recruiting lifecycle – from a candidate’s initial interaction through a candidate’s submission to a client,” said Jonathan Novich, General Manager, Staffing, at Bullhorn. “Our innovative new features create the most advanced solution on the market today for recruiters by making it easier for them to build and maintain stronger candidate relationships and to automate the recruiting lifecycle from requisition to placement.”

Driving Stronger Candidate Engagement

The power of Bullhorn Pulse, a solution that enables instant insight into the health of a relationship, has been expanded beyond customer insight to now offer insights into candidate relationships as well. Built with Bullhorn’s patented email tracking system at its core, Pulse automatically mines email and other communications, analyzes them in real time, and provides valuable, digestible intelligence at a glance.

Recruiters can now instantly view details about their relationships with individual candidates such as their email conversation history over time, the net promoter score of each candidate, and an engagement summary where they can see which coworkers are most engaged with candidates. Through instant insights into their interactions with customers and candidates, firms can differentiate themselves by building stronger, lasting relationships that ultimately translate into sustainable business growth.

“Our industry’s value prop has changed from simply finding talent to the ability to engage, attract, and retain valuable talent. Organizations that are able to gain greater insight into the best ways to connect and engage talent, including net promoter score and conversation history, will have a significant competitive advantage,” said Tom Erb, President, Tallann Resources.

Since being introduced in the spring of 2015, Bullhorn Pulse has been recognized for bringing innovation to the staffing and recruiting industry and the CRM market at large. Bullhorn Pulse has been selected as a leading new technology and will be featured during the panel, “Hot Tech: The Top 10 Features to Hit Staffing in 2015” at the American Staffing Association’s annual Staffing World on Wednesday, October 28 at 2:30 in Nashville, Tenn.

Faster Candidate Submissions for VMS Jobs

As the adoption of Vendor Management Systems (VMS) has grown, companies have started automating the collection and assignment of VMS job requisitions. However, the applicant submission and tracking process, which normally includes multiple candidates per job, remains a manual, time-consuming endeavor impacting both recruiter productivity and the candidate experience. Bullhorn VMS Access automates the data integration and workflow for capturing job openings with more than 350 of the world’s largest companies. With the introduction of VMS Access Slingshot, Bullhorn solves the second half of the equation by enabling staffing firms to automate several of the steps involved in submitting and tracking those high volume submissions as well.

As firms face an increasingly competitive submittal time frame – where companies even stop accepting candidates after receiving the first 20 or 25 submissions – speed provides a significant advantage. Through bi-directional VMS integration, Bullhorn allows recruiters to submit and track candidates faster. Enabling recruiters to initiate and monitor submittal status from directly within their applicant tracking system (ATS) removes the need to utilize two separate systems and copy and paste between them. As a result, recruiters at VMS-focused staffing agencies can realize time savings of up to 75 percent. Ultimately, staffing firms using Bullhorn VMS Access and Slingshot can increase service levels and candidate communications, win more business with speedier submissions, and dramatically improve recruiter productivity.

For information on pricing and availability of Bullhorn’s newest products, please visit Bullhorn’s website.

About Bullhorn

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