Greenhouse Introduces the Next Generation of Recruiting Analytics

Greenhouse Software, the leading recruiting optimization platform, today announced the launch of its new analytics solution, Greenhouse Analytics, providing employers with the robust data they need to track strategic recruiting KPIs and elevate the success of their hiring strategies.

As hiring becomes more challenging and organizations strive to identify, attract, engage and hire the most qualified talent before their competitors do, access to insightful data can make all the difference. But recruiting is more than just selecting one candidate over another; it also involves a great deal of time, effort and resources that go into sourcing and interviewing candidates. As such, companies must understand factors like how long it takes to fill a position, the highest quality sources of talent and why candidates may be dropping out of the process, in order to allocate their recruiting resources more effectively.

Powered by Tableau Software, Greenhouse Analytics provides the recruiting insights companies need to optimize recruiting performance, delivered in easy-to-understand reports. With the ability to slice and dice data and create custom reports, it becomes easy for users to access their raw recruiting data and identify key trends and any potential problems, leading to a state of continuous improvement.

Additional key features of Greenhouse Analytics include:

  • Different licenses for different users: The solution is available in varying models, based on user type. These include:
    • Data Analyst: for those experienced in Tableau or other business intelligence tools;
    • Developer: users get access to their data via Amazon Redshift to leverage their own BI tools;
    • Executive: for heads of talent and recruiters looking for more robust reporting;
  • Full support from Greenhouse: All license options include one hour of onboarding support with Greenhouse’s strategic consultants, as well as dedicated email support and robust documentation of all activities.
  • Strategic Consulting: Users are provided with four-hour consulting blocks to help them build reports and manage custom projects.
  • Comprehensive insight into recruiting data: With pre-built, turnkey workbooks, users gain access to data from all points of the recruiting process, such as recruiting KPIs, sourcing, interview planning and performance management, enabling them to see what is working well and identify where performance can be improved.

“Getting the most qualified people into the right roles quickly is essential to creating a high-performing organization,” said Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse. “But a streamlined recruiting process is dependent upon accessing the analytics that give insight into the success of the recruiting operation. With the launch of Greenhouse Analytics, we introduce an innovative solution enabling businesses to uncover key pieces of data that often remain hidden and gain the insight needed to elevate their hiring practices.”

Additional information about Greenhouse Analytics can be accessed at:

About Greenhouse
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