Monster Social Job Ads Expand Reach to Facebook

Monster (NYSE: MWW) today announced that Monster Social Job Ads is now able to identify and serve recruitment advertising to both passive and active qualified job candidates across Facebook, the world’s largest social platform, in addition to Twitter. This integration of programmatic job advertising on Facebook uses exclusive professional information.

“Monster Social Job Ads transforms the way employers can connect with talent,” said Joe Budzienski, Vice President, Product and Strategy, Monster. “To date, our more than 3,900 customers using the product have seen 90M impressions and nearly one million engagements on Twitter. By expanding ad reach to other platforms, including Facebook, we vastly increase the effectiveness of Monster Social Job Ads for our customers, continuing our work to better connect people and jobs.”

Monster Social Job Ads provides immediate and automated distribution of job advertising to skilled candidates across the full Twitter and Facebook audiences, using unprecedented targeting technology, aggregating career-specific data from more than 100 social sources and Monster’s expansive resume database. This sophisticated social recruitment tool enables employers to programmatically seek out and engage with candidates across Twitter and Facebook regardless of whom those individuals follow or like. Targeted to a total of 1.8 billion active users on Facebook and Twitter, prominently displayed ads grab the attention of candidates who fit specific job criteria.

With more than 17,500 Monster Social Job Ads campaigns run to-date, customers have seen great success:

“We were blown away with the results,” said Lauretta McKie, Human Resources Manager, Nearfield Systems Inc. “Monster Social Job Ads not only exponentially increased our job views in the matter of a day, but also delivered high quality candidates applying to the role with the skill set we were looking for.”

“Monster Social Job ads has broadened our posting reach and is enabling us to create a consistent awareness for the National Interstate and Vanliner brands,” said Tony G. Prinzo, Human Resources, National Interstate.

Monster Social Job Ads first launched in 2015 with distribution on Twitter and is currently available in 17 countries with more markets slated for release throughout 2016. For more information, visit:

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