Three Major Staffing Companies Deploy Lathem’s PayClock Online to Cut Time and Attendance Administration by 60 Percent

Burnett Specialists, Spectra Personnel and Protocall Group Now Manage Employees’ Hours Anytime, Anywhere.

Time is money, and staffing companies are saving both with Lathem’s cloud-based time and attendance system, PayClock Online.

Burnett Specialists, Texas’ largest employee-owned staffing and placement firm, uses PayClock Online to eliminate paper time cards and better manage remote employees at client locations.

The employees clock in with Lathem’s PC600 automated time clock, which transmits data to cloud-based PayClock Online, enabling the staffing company to review employee hours in real time and make adjustments. Prior to the new system, the client used paper time cards that had to be faxed to their client, creating inefficiencies.

“The client wanted our staffing managers to administer time and attendance from an electronic time clock, rather than faxing us time sheets,” said Scott Hoffman, Burnett Specialists’ IT director. “We’re now able to update time sheets directly online and run customized reports that integrate with our payroll system and applicant tracking software. The client then approves the employees’ time from our candidate portal on our website.”

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Ivan Rivera of Spectra Personnel, with offices in Texas and Florida, said PayClock Online helps managers track time for field-based construction and landscaping employees that clock in with smartphones. “The remote piece is very valuable. Sometimes these work sites don’t have power, so you can’t put a physical time clock there. All they have to do is pick up a tablet or smartphone and log in and out,” he said.

The Protocall Group, one of the largest employment staffing providers in South Jersey and Philadelphia, said it has cut time and attendance administration by 60 percent using PayClock Online.

“At some customer locations, temp employees were using old-school punch clocks with paper time cards. There was the potential for missed punches and incorrect totals,” said Trevor Knauss, Protocall Staffing payroll/billing coordinator. “We upgraded to Lathem’s cloud-based time and attendance system because it reduces errors, saves time and integrates with our payroll processing software.”

Knauss said, “We were spending as much as five hours a week on payroll processing. Now it takes just an hour or two a week, a 60 percent reduction.”

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About PayClock Online
PayClock Online is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage employee time and attendance anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. This web-based employee timekeeping system allows managers to quickly process payroll on their own time, when it is most convenient for them. Mobile functionality lets managers track employees’ hours or administer payroll from their own mobile devices. It’s easy to set up office-based or remote employees to clock in and out from their computers, mobile devices, and even Lathem time clocks, enabling them to view their own time records and paid time off information on the web without supervisor assistance. PayClock Online easily integrates with popular payroll software systems like QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP and more.

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