Movers and Shakers: SUNZ Plans Move of Corporate Headquarters to City of Bradenton

SUNZ Holdings, LLC today announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters to accommodate the rapid growth and future expansion plans. The new office space located in the City of Bradenton, FL will provide capacity for increased underwriting, policy administration, claims administration, customer support, sales and leadership functions across the company.

The company, which will initially have more than 50 employees working in the City of Bradenton, will move into about 30,000 square feet of the available 60,000 square feet of office space to accommodate the number of personnel expected to join SUNZ.

SUNZ will be renovating the 40-year old building located at 1301 6th Avenue, West, which was previously the home of First Bank, while transitioning staff to the location. The transition of the various entities of SUNZ will be in phases starting with Next Level Administrators and then moving other entities by end of this year’s second quarter.

“SUNZ’s new office space is critical for us to increase our capabilities in key areas that align with our current and future growth goals. The new location allows us to continue to support the personnel growth we are experiencing while giving us dedicated facilities to host customer meetings,” said Steve Herrig, Chief Executive Officer for SUNZ. “We are excited about the growth we are experiencing and this move represents our commitment to continue to build on the success our team has accomplished.”

“The City of Bradenton is excited and honored by the collaboration with SUNZ Insurance as they move their corporate headquarters to the City. This is a true partnership, with both the City and SUNZ working together to build a successful business relationship in our community. We believe the job creation on the part of SUNZ will benefit both of our economic development goals,” Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston, said.

“The Bradenton Area Economic Development Corp. (EDC) is excited to welcome SUNZ Insurance to Bradenton’s downtown business district,” said Sharon Hillstrom, EDC president and chief executive officer, whose team worked with the City of Bradenton and Manatee County Government to keep SUNZ and its high-impact jobs in the Manatee-Sarasota region. “This relocation and expansion of the SUNZ corporate headquarters is consistent with the EDC’s multi-year strategy and will serve as a catalyst for similar corporate activity downtown.”

Terri Stevens, President of SUNZ said, “SUNZ experienced a 200% increase in staff during 2015 and we do not anticipate the growth rate to diminish anytime soon. We strive to provide our current employees, and those we anticipate joining SUNZ in the future, with a great environment to work in. We are thrilled to be able to realize the effort this year with our move and new office space. Our goal is for employees to thrive in our new work place.”

About SUNZ

SUNZ Holdings, LLC is the parent company of SUNZ Insurance Company (, Next Level Administrators, PEO Partners Plus, and Insurance Partners Plus. Each entity was founded specifically to provide workers’ compensation solutions for Professional Employer Organizations, Staffing Agencies and Self Insured Companies. Our philosophy is simple. “We deliver innovative and unique workers’ compensation insurance solutions and related products that fit with your business’ identified needs.” By meeting with each client to discuss the business’ structure, needs and goals, SUNZ Insurance provides hands-on, personalized service and flexibility that is unsurpassed by any other insurance carrier. SUNZ Insurance is licensed in 16 states.