Revolutionizing Originator Risk Management for Financial Institutions: Argos Risk’s New Product Line Completely Automates Process

Argos Risk Launches New Product Line for Financial Institutions to Automate Originator Risk Management

Now financial institutions can easily and effectively automate originator risk management with an innovative new product line introduced by Argos Risk. The new line features two subscription services, AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE, that work in tandem or independently, depending on the level of originator risk management required by the subscriber.

AR SCAN examines an FI’s entire ACH portfolio, ranking the initial risk for originators. The initial scan takes several data elements into consideration including prohibited lists, known “bad actors” (identified via FinCEN/OFAC), Better Business Bureau ratings, website analysis, and a number of other factors that impact overall business health. The data is evaluated to quickly determine originator risk, and then ranked from low to high risk. AR SCAN is customized to the needs of financial institutions, allowing them the flexibility to choose the frequency of scans on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. AR SCAN is designed to work as a stand-alone product and it can also work in tandem with AR SURVEILLANCE.

For high risk originators and companies that require closer tracking, AR SURVEILLANCE is an advanced service that delivers daily monitoring and alerts to proactively gauge the overall health of a business. Hundreds of data sources are analyzed, as well as a number of KPI’s, synthesizing results into an easy to understand Argos Risk Score. The score enables subscribers to instantly gauge the overall business health of originators, as well as view upward and downward credit quality trends. In addition, daily alerts provide actionable insight and reports, allowing subscribers the ability to evaluate the information and take appropriate steps to protect their interests. Alerts cover a vast range of important business health barometers, such as analysis of company reputation, full address analysis, liens, litigation, lawsuits, judgments, mergers/acquisitions, CFPB updates, earnings updates, changes in control, staffing changes, changes in ownership, Board of Director changes, issue/redemption/repurchase, website content, and changes in overall business health and credit risk.

The new products, AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE, work independently or in tandem, and are customized to the needs of the subscriber. The services work together to ensure financial institutions are able to effectively automate the identification and management of risk to meet regulatory and compliance needs.

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Argos Risk, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in web-based technology solutions for B2B risk management for financial institutions and other industries, enabling companies of all sizes to proactively manage and monitor risk. The Company’s new product line, AR SCAN and AR SURVEILLANCE, assess risk scores of clients, vendors, partners, and competitors. The company’s powerful algorithm, Argonomics, delivers data via real-time dashboards and daily alerts. Argos Risk monitors thousands of companies for clients that represent a broad array of industries including financial institutions, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and businesses of all types. For more information, visit


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