The Top 3 Ways Workforce Management Solutions Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly

Workforce Management (WFM) for small business is about assigning employees with the right skills to the right job, at the right time. It goes beyond “staff scheduling” to incorporate scheduling optimization through the smooth employment of technology solutions.

How can you optimize WFM in your small business? Here are the top 3 ways Workforce Management Solutions keep your small business running smoothly:

1. Connect to the Cloud – Using a cloud-based time and attendance solution gives you company wide access to time and labour management information at any time, anywhere. Employees can view and update essential scheduling information and create time-off request changes through a Smartphone or computer. Then, the cloud-based solution ensures managers have the ability to view employee activities and approve requests on the go. Cloud-based scheduling not only allows employers to track who is working when, it also allows businesses to analyze scheduling data so they can plan ahead for future staffing needs.

2. Improve Your Payroll Processes – The ability to collect accurate data and feed it directly to payroll is an essential component of any successful WFM solution. When payroll and scheduling communicate with one another it improves compliance, minimizes errors, and ensures your employees are neither over nor underpaid. Employee self-service options linked to your payroll, where employees can clock in and enter their start and stop times themselves, will not only help achieve more accurate, up-to-the minute reporting, but also free up HR management time from having to struggle with endless data entry.

3. Engage Your Employees – One of the quickest ways to disengage an employee is to pay them inaccurately. When employees are confident in your payroll and scheduling practices they are satisfied with the accuracy of their paycheques, and your payroll administrators are happier spending less time sorting through data to fix mistakes. Automated workforce management solutions notify employers when they have mistakenly scheduled workers in violation of mandatory government required break times, helping you ensure your employees get the down time they need so they can recharge.

A Single Application for Payroll, Time and Attendance and Scheduling

When Adrian Gorgey, Executive Director of Ellesmere X-Ray Associates decided it was time to move away from manual paper-based payroll and scheduling with punch cards into the digital age he turned to Ceridian. Since implementing Workforce Management, he spends less time entering duplicate data into disparate systems and fixing mistakes on employees pay cheques and more time focusing on the strategic area of his business. “We envision ourselves growing with Ceridian as a tried and true partner in our business.” –Adrian Gorgey – Executive Director.

Learn how Ceridian helped Ellesmere X-Ray Associates modernize their practice with a single application for payroll, time and attendance and scheduling in this short video.