Advance Partners Growing After Acquisition by Paychex

With the recent acquisition of Advance Partners by Paychex, Advance is in a better position than ever to grow our business while growing yours. Being a part of the Paychex family gives us greater access to capital, technology and many other great tools that Paychex offers.

For example, Paychex has over 600,000 clients, all of which are small to medium size businesses, and many of which are staffing firms, just like yours. Paychex has long been a believer in staffing and the contingent workforce and gives Advance Partners a broader reach and a wider platform to help staffing firms grow.

Plus, as the complexity of the industry and compliance factors continue to expand, Paychex allows us access to the tools that can help us and our clients more efficiently navigate an ever changing and growing staffing landscape.

While our parent company has changed, our mission and our culture hasn’t, and in fact, perfectly aligns with the mission and culture of Paychex. Our number one priority is to help staffing firms grow and succeed. Plus, we’ve created a culture that’s built on relationships and understanding the nuances of the staffing industry.

With each of these factors in mind, we are pleased to announce that Advance Partners is growing our team of staffing experts. We are looking for qualified finance, accounting, staffing and customer service professionals to join our group. Growth is not just an outward-facing mission; we also believe in helping each individual who works with us to accomplish their goals, grow their skills and enhance their leadership potential.

Working with staffing professionals is a challenging and rewarding career in a fast-paced and highly nuanced industry. Our team believes in building long-term partnerships with each of our staffing entrepreneurs, and offering the best in payroll funding, back office support and strategic services to help our clients succeed.

Take a look at our current openings, or learn more about how Advance Partners can help your staffing business.

Direct inquiries to Advance Partners Marketing Department
216-831-8900 x216-831-8900 x1128 or 888-651-6500 (toll free)