TempWorks Software : Promotes Kevin Prow to Chief Information Officer

TempWorks Software, a leader in staffing software, today announces Kevin Prow as the company’s new chief information officer (CIO). Prior to being named to his new role, Prow held several positions at the company, including support technician, product developer and director of support services. Under Prow’s leadership, TempWorks aims to increase its business value and strengthen its product line and full software development cycle.

“My main focus is growing the innovations currently in place within our company,” said Kevin Prow, CIO of TempWorks. “I look forward to guiding our product enhancements, ensuring our services are the best quality possible and consistently delivering new solutions to the market. I hope to capitalize on the development team’s vast set of skills, blending the very best of business and technical expertise.”

As CIO, Prow guides the development team through the software development cycle from start to finish. He directs the scope, development, design, testing, release, maintenance of the entire product line while working with TempWorks’ chief technology officer from an architectural standpoint. Additionally, Prow determines the clearest developmental and strategic roadmap for each engineering plan. When working with existing clients, internal stakeholders and vendor partners, he ensures continued innovation, improved user experience and streamlined operations throughout all communications.

“Looking at our continued growth these past few years, I felt it was the right time and Kevin was the right person to fill this role,” said David Dourgarian, CEO of TempWorks. “Not only have Kevin’s skills been of great value to us, but his commitment and loyalty to the company are two qualities we value most. I have the utmost confidence his leadership will bring us to a new level of development and performance.”

Prow joined the TempWorks team in 2004 as a support technician, where he worked until his deployment to Iraq and Kuwait in 2006. Upon his return the following year, Prow re-joined the staffing software company as a product developer. He played an instrumental role in implementing the company’s payroll funding division in 2009. Since then, Prow served as the director of support services and established the effective support infrastructure that exists within TempWorks today.

TempWorks recently received a Stevie Award as a Company of the Year winner. Under Prow’s guidance, the company continues to offer new software solutions and further improve the staffing software experience for its users and stakeholders.

For more information please visit: http://www.tempworks.com/.