SIA Launches ‘Collaboration in the Gig Economy’

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has announced the launch of Collaboration in the Gig Economy, an all-new conference coming this September.

Collaboration in the Gig Economy invites the entire spectrum of the talent supply chain to address the challenges, opportunities and paradigms that are emerging as work transforms. Jobs and tasks are being redefined around the globe and talent is engaging in whole new ways, particularly via online platforms. The unique two-day conference program explores what these shifts mean for businesses and what is developing at the intersection of technology and talent.

Keynote speaker Kate Vitasek, internationally acclaimed for her research and thought-leadership behind Vested®- a business model for highly collaborative and strategic relationships- will delve into “The New Economics of Commerce: How Collaboration Can Change the Game for the Talent Supply Chain” as she speaks to today’s ever-dynamic and increasingly interconnected world.

The conference will also feature tracked sessions for

  • Enterprise professionals who lead talent acquisition efforts in contingent, contract and temporary work as well as talent management solutions;
  • Staffing firms, VMS/MSP providers and suppliers to staffing; and
  • Gig Economy/Human Cloud companies.

Covering topics and areas such as talent supply chain performance, innovation, Independent Contractor misclassification, risk management and profitability, these sessions will provide an intensive look at the workforce solutions ecosystem from focused perspectives.

“I’m incredibly excited about the launch of Collaboration in the Gig Economy. This event is a first of its kind as it centers on optimizing the talent supply chain for all players in the workforce solutions ecosystem,” said Barry Asin, President of SIA. “The past decade has seen the rise of increasingly complex supply chains powered by VMS technology and MSP driven contingent workforce programs. And more recently the rise of gig economy/human cloud solutions. Staffing suppliers are challenged to operate in this new environment in a way that delivers a healthy bottom line for their business while meeting the increased demand for results from their end clients and building the value of their contingent talent. Additionally, HR and Procurement executives in client organizations often don’t understand the effect of their decisions on the variety of players attempting to serve them as part of their talent supply chain. As we chart strategies to help elevate the entire ecosystem, I believe we will all come away from the conference with increased understanding and awareness.”

Collaboration in the Gig Economy: Connecting & Optimizing the Talent Supply Chain will be held September 21st and 22nd at the Red Rock Casino Spa & Resort in Las Vegas, NV, following the 12th Annual CWS (Contingent Workforce Strategies) Summit. CWS Summit is the largest North American peer-to-peer networking event for contingent workforce professionals. This year’s Summit sheds light on New Ways of Working in the 21st Century and presents Dr. John W. Boudreau, Professor of Management and Organization, Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, in a keynote session on “Thriving in a New Normal: Boundary-less Organization Forms and Alternative Work Arrangements Beyond Employment.”

Delegates to both conferences are invited to gather at the Workforce Solutions Industry Party, Tuesday evening September 20th.

For more information and registration, please visit | @GigE2016