Monster and Washington State Launch Powerful Platform that Transforms the Way Job Seekers and Employers Connect

Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW) and the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) today announced the launch of WorkSource Washington (, a dynamic new job matching system that delivers the tools and resources job seekers need to explore jobs and improve their lives. Washington employers now have access to the single largest talent database in the state, leveraging Monster’s powerful recruiting platform technology to find the best candidates faster. As of today, the new site contains more than 157,000 jobs and nearly 191,000 Washingtonians’ resumes that employers can view.

Washington is home to some of the most innovative people and companies in the world,” said Governor Jay Inslee. “ provides a great way to efficiently connect incredible talent through Monster’s technology. This collaboration will help our state reduce unemployment and grow our economy, while ensuring that Washingtonian workers and employers have opportunities to be successful and prosper.” delivers the information and resources citizens need to make the best decisions at every stage of their career journey. Starting with a personalized profile that keeps all their activity in one location, the platform proactively alerts job seekers to relevant job opportunities as they appear in the system. Washingtonians can now leverage advanced search capabilities to help them pinpoint the best job matches and strategically navigate their careers through skills assessments, career path mapping, professional training, and study information labor markets where they live or may want to relocate to in the state.

In addition to industry-leading self-service resources, state WorkSource Specialists now have unmatched insight into the goals and strategies of their clients through a new and powerful case management platform. This real-time visibility into past job search activity and current professional assets empowers fast, informed, personalized career guidance, whether a citizen is unemployed, underemployed, or looking to make their next career move. also provides tools tailored to the unique needs of Washington’s emerging workforce, dislocated workers, veterans, and farm workers.

“Economic growth is fueled by efficiently and appropriately connecting jobs and people,” said Steve Cooker, Executive Vice President of Global Government Solutions, Monster Worldwide. “We worked closely with ESD and WorkSource leadership to understand the unique workforce challenges and opportunities in Washington to configure our powerful labor exchange system to help Washington citizens not only explore new jobs but also to manage their careers.”

Washington employers gain access to the largest talent database in the state, which includes Monster’s vast resume database, and to Monster’s industry-leading candidate search function that empowers recruiters to save time sifting through mountains of resumes and focus on engaging the best talent. Monster’s advanced search technology thinks like an employer, equipped with the ability to understand context and concepts beyond simple keywords, and proactively deliver the most qualified candidates. Once the best talent is identified, employers are able to easily rank candidates based on preferences and conduct side-by-side comparisons.

Because Monster understands the unique requirements outlined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the company was able to develop a system specifically to ensure everyone can get the skills and training they need: adults, dislocated workers, youth, and any individual taking advantage of the integrated labor exchange system services.

The solution fosters collaboration between key workforce stakeholders, improves recruitment services for employers, enriches workforce services for the unemployed and job seekers, promotes work-based training, and more.  As a result, more people get into the right jobs faster, spurring economic growth, lowering unemployment insurance costs and conserving state budgets.

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