New Recruiting Platform Pays Users for Referring Friends

An innovative job recruiting platform announced today invites users to get paid for being “career matchmakers” for their friends and colleagues. iEndorseU allows people to refer their professional connections to jobs and in turn earn substantial referral bonuses. Simultaneously, hiring managers benefit from high-quality referrals at a lower cost than working with a standard recruiting firm.

“These days everything has a social component, from music downloads to online recipes. We saw an incredible opportunity to capitalize on that social shift in the staffing world,” said iEndorseU founder and CEO Andy Gaur, who has an extensive background in the staffing industry. “Your friends and colleagues know you best, so it makes sense that one of them could identify and recommend a job that’s going to be the perfect fit for you.”

Job seekers can apply for positions through the platform and include endorsements from colleagues directly within their application. These endorsements give the candidate higher preference during the interview process.

Candidates referred for a job are screened by one of more than 100 recruiters to ensure they’re a great fit for the position before being submitted to a client. Any user hired for a job through iEndorseU receives a lucrative signing bonus, covered by the listing fee of the employer.

“iEndorseU eliminates the need for the recruiting middleman who, in reality, knows little to nothing about a job candidate,” said Client Relations Director Neville Gupta. “We not only offer a lower cost to employers, we give an incentive to people to actively refer friends on an ongoing basis. A user can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by referring friends on their lunch break or during their commute.”

Candidates recruited through a personal referral tend to be more qualified and to have higher retention rates than those recruited by other means, but traditional referral and recruitment programs are costly. A typical recruiting firm charges anywhere from 15-30% commission on the salary of a recruited candidate. Employers using iEndorseU to fill positions pay only for successful job placements: a 7.5% salary commission for full-time jobs and an hourly flat rate for contract positions.

In addition to being useful for job seekers and employers, iEndorseU is a highly valuable tool for staffing companies, who will enjoy the platform’s split-fee arrangement. iEndorseU has the unique capability of identifying passive employment candidates who aren’t already being recruited by other organizations.

A user can earn money with iEndorseU in 5 simple ways:

  • Referring a colleague for a position that results in a hire
  • Being referred to a job by a friend and getting hired
  • Endorsing a colleague for a position that results in a hire
  • Sharing a job listing on social media that results in a hire
  • Referring a company that proceeds to list positions on the platform

To use iEndorseU, job seekers and referrers can register for free by visiting or by downloading the mobile app for iPhone or Android.

iEndorseU is currently seeking employers and staffing companies to act as early adopters for the platform. The feedback of these participants will weigh heavily in determining future features and services. Employers and staffing agencies can use the online employer signup form to begin listing jobs or recruiting candidates on the platform.



iEndorseU is a social recruiting platform that revolutionizes the way companies find and hire qualified employees. Users can leverage their industry knowledge to intelligently match friends and colleagues in their network with relevant jobs. Once a match is made, the referring user receives a referral bonus and the hired user receives a signing-bonus. iEndorseU company is led by staffing industry veteran Andy Gaur and is based in New York City. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.