ShiftHound Adds Next Generation Approach to Time and Attendance as Part of Its Suite of Affordable, Cloud-Based Workforce Management Solutions

ShiftHound (, the leading provider of online Staff Scheduling Software expands its offerings in the Workforce Management arena with the release of AttendanceHound™, a cloud-based solution for Time and Attendance.

“This strategic move is in response to demand in the market for an answer to Time and Attendance that is easy to use, easy to implement, and affordable,” says ShiftHound CEO, Ian Chaplin. “We have set a new standard for smart, easy to use and affordable scheduling and our clients have asked us to bring these same values to a modern solution for Time and Attendance. We have responded.”

Time and Attendance Simplicity & Mobility

AttendanceHound™ is bound to be disruptive in the Time and Attendance landscape, which is saturated with expensive, hard to maintain software, built on older platforms. By contrast, AttendanceHound™ is mobile-centric, powerful and simple at the same time. It offers an attractive option for those who want time and attendance automation that is simple to implement and maintain, quick to adopt, and can easily fit within an operating budget. AttendanceHound™ is fully integrated with ShiftHound’s Scheduler but is also available as a stand-alone solution.

No time clocks needed

While AttendanceHound™ can work with a punch clock or designated computer, it is fully mobile and sophisticated enough to know the geo-location of an individual when they “punch in or out” from their mobile phone. Alerts are automatically sent to staff members and managers when a “punch” is missed. Usability, mobility, security, real time updates, and seamless integration are just a few of the basics that come with AttendanceHound™.

“Building AttendanceHound™ as a completely new cloud-based product from the ground up, we are able to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology and the most current input on requirements from our clients, providing features that today’s software users expect and demand,” says Christian Willi, Vice President of Development for ShiftHound. “With AttendanceHound™ you will find configurable time card rules, custom time codes, missed time punch alerts, variance reporting and time card reporting, among the many benefits, all delivered in the cloud.”

“When used in conjunction with ShiftHound Scheduling, AttendanceHound™ provides our clients with real-time comparisons between schedules and time punches, sending alerts when there are discrepancies,” says Ken Coons, ShiftHound Vice President of Client Experience. “This information is also used to dramatically reduce the time required to approve timecards. The system supports complex compliance rules. For example, if you have a requirement that someone in a particular role must take a break within a six-hour period and they have not punched out, notifications will be sent to the Manager and Staff member.”

AttendanceHound™ has been built to address the time and attendance needs of small and large organizations alike. It opens new opportunities for individual departments, clinics, facilities, as well as large integrated delivery systems. AttendanceHound™ rounds out the suite of products offered by ShiftHound which includes scheduling, credentialing, and now time and attendance.

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