ABD Staffing Software Set to Save Clients Thousands in Taxes with Clarus Solutions Integration

Automated Business Designs announced that their Ultra-Staff staffing software now integrates with Clarus Solutions’ Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) solution, promoting staffing firms to take advantage of windfall tax credits through a simple, straightforward process.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit was established by the IRS to incentivize and reward businesses that hire from targeted groups of workers that usually struggle to find work. Maximum tax credits range from $1,200 to $9,600 per individual qualifying employee, which results in extensive tax reductions for staffing firms that place contingent workers from WOTC relevant categories.

ABD’s integration with Clarus Solutions streamlines the entire WOTC application process. Candidates complete an electronic questionnaire built into Ultra-Staff’s application process that determines whether they fit into a WOTC work category. From there, Clarus Solutions sends back notifications about WOTC eligible candidates, which can be accessed in an exclusive WOTC eligibility report available through Ultra-Staff.

Obstacles that exist to filing a new hire’s WOTC status within 28 days of the start date practically disappear.

“ABD is always looking for new ways to build upon our innovative front office and back office staffing software features,” said Terri Roeslmeier, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our new integration with Clarus Solutions gives our customers effortless access to tax credits that have the potential to reduce their income tax payments to zero. It is especially exciting to deliver solutions that helps our clients and benefits their employees.”

“We’re excited about how our integration with ABD will serve our staffing firm clients by increasing their awareness around WOTC and individuals from relevant work categories by giving them employment opportunities,” said Terracina Maxwell, Chief Operating Officer at Clarus Solutions.

To learn more about the innovative staffing software available through Automated Business Designs, visit http://www.abd.net/. To learn more about how to maximize the return on your workforce through Clarus, visit https://www.clarussolutions.org/.

About Automated Business Designs
Automated Business Designs, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years, producing the staffing and recruiting software solution Ultra-Staff which has been tailored to meet the needs of staffing companies. ABD offers a customizable staffing experience that benefits both clients and candidates through an integrated front office, back office, web suite, and mobile application. With unique perspectives, in-depth staffing knowledge, active membership in the American Staffing Association (ASA), National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) and board member status in the Illinois Search and Staffing Association (ISSA), ABD delivers hiring results from beginning to end.