TalentClick Launches Team Analytics For Employers To Better Understand Personality Of The Team

Risk-based personality assessment upgrade allows employers to understand team dynamics

New York, NY— November 17, 2016TalentClick, a risk-based personality assessment firm, today launched Team Analytics, a further functionality to its already robust online data platform. Team Analytics provides users with insights into the inner workings of teams to diagnose challenges, identify areas for improvement and enhance how team members understand and respect each other’s personalities.

TalentClick identified a need amongst its users for a tool which would allow them to compare and contrast the profiles of team members, divisions and locations all online. By accurately identifying such key indicators, users can expect to see an increase in employee retention, a reduction in safety incidents, improved employee morale, efficiency and profitability.

The Team Analytics module, developed by TalentClick as an extension to their personality assessment capabilities, creates reports with the scores of multiple people all on one chart at no extra cost.

“Team Analytics opens up a whole new set of possibilities for department heads, team leads and HR to interact with TalentClick assessment data,” said Stephen Race, Chief Product Officer of TalentClick. “Users can now review aggregated data and clearly understand the interactions within the ‘personality of the team’ rather than only being able to see the profiles of individual people.”

“This group data analytics functionality solidifies our position as the world’s leading risk-based personality assessment platform,” said Greg Ford, Founder and CEO of TalentClick. “This launch is a direct result of our ability to understand the needs of enterprises and accelerate delivery with a unique range of services so there’s less labor involved.”

Team Analytics is free to any TalentClick user from November 30th 2016, and is accessible through the TalentClick portal. You can enjoy a free trial by clicking here.

For more information on TalentClick and their Team Analytics module visit www.talentclick.com.

About TalentClick

TalentClick helps make workplaces more productive by offering innovative workforce assessment tools based on decades of applied research in occupational psychology. TalentClick’s team of highly educated and experienced industrial psychologists and human resource specialists help employers reduce risk of turnover, low productivity, poor morale, and safety-related incidents by better understanding their employees. TalentClick is the leading company in North America to provide workforce assessment tools designed and validated specifically for frontline employees operating in industrial work environments.