TC Services USA Recognized for Its Excellence in Maximizing WOTC Tax Credits at Staffing World 2016 in San Diego

TC Services USA, a national provider of WOTC Tax Credits has been promoted for its leadership and expertise in providing Tax Credits to its clients, often reducing their Income Tax Liability to Zero.

Staffing firms that attended STAFFING WORLD 2016 in San Diego applauded TC Services USA for its cutting-edge API technology in implementing the WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) Program. WOTC is a Tax Credit to the employer, in the amount of $2400 – $9600 per eligible new hire. For a typical Staffing Agency, this program yields over $1 Million in Tax Credits each year!

“TC Services USA offers countless benefits to staffing firms”, Michael Markowitz, VP of the company says. “Easy API integration with their existing HR software, a paperless system, and back-up documentation submitted with each employee’s application – all resulting in a greater number of employees being certified.” Markowitz, who represented the company at the event, said that a record number of Staffing Firm attendees enrolled in the WOTC program. He attributed its success to TC Services USA’s commitment to great customer service, and its strategies in maximizing each client’s tax credit dollars.

“The results were astounding,” said Michael Markowitz. “Many Staffing World attendees were unaware of the great benefits of this program, so we spent some time advising business owners. We ended Staffing World by enrolling over 50 staffing firms, from many different states. Many others have been calling us for additional information about the program.”

About TC Services USA Inc.
TC Services USA is made up of an acclaimed team of tax professionals, technology, and accounting executives, committed to delivering the best tax credit consulting and processing to companies of all sizes. The TC Services USA organization is also the owner of, which enables a company’s new hires to complete the required form online, or on their cell phones. Companies can enroll in the WOTC Program free of charge, and they don’t pay anything until they receive the actual tax credits or refunds. For more information visit TO ENROLL IN THE WOTC PROGRAM, visit