ISS Facility Services Leverages Time and Labor Management Analytics from EPAY Systems to Boost Operational Efficiencies

Analytics from EPAY Systems’ workforce management software enable ISS Facility Services to closely monitor the operational effectiveness and compliance of its 18,000+ employee workforce.

iss_logo_jpg_150x130CHICAGO, IL — December 9, 2016 — EPAY Systems, a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, today announced that ISS Facility Services has successfully put EPAY’s time and labor analytics to work to improve labor compliance and drive efficiencies across its U.S.-based workforce. EPAY Systems’ time and labor analytics provide a means for ISS to accurately track and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve compliance and operational efficiencies and lower labor costs.

Since implementing EPAY’s workforce management system, ISS has leveraged time and labor data to identify opportunities for performance improvements within its workforce and stimulate productivity by enabling managers to compare their performance to that of their peers in real-time.

EPAY Systems and ISS worked together to create a set of reports designed to identify operational KPIs. This data provides ISS with easy access to information such as open punches, missed punches, time changes and time correction lags. The company utilized the reports to create internal scorecards that enable them to compare the effectiveness and performance of managers across different sites. Once ISS was able to modify employee behavior based on this information, the company saw a 10x reduction in the correction of timekeeping data. Ultimately, this resulted in a reduction of administrative headcount as well.

EPAY’s time and labor analytics allow clients to isolate and analyze subsets of their own data to identify how they can reap better ROI. ISS leverages the segmented analytics to identify drivers and actions to make well-informed operational decisions, including compliance reports that track activities that can create business liabilities; operational efficiency reports that track activities that define efficiency and quality of the delivered services; and activity monitoring reports and alerts that are triggered based on a specific event.

“EPAY Systems has made it easy for us to utilize our workforce data to build a high-performing, efficient environment,” said Anthony Lackey, Senior Vice President of ISS North America. “The accessibility of these metrics has enabled us to create dramatic performance improvements for ISS, from individual employees and managers all the way to the corporate level.”

About EPAY Systems

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