Independent Recruiter Blog – Top 5 Posts of 2016

If you’re catching up on any reading over the holidays, check out the top posts of the year on our independent recruiter blog:

Bad News About the Future of Staffing and Recruiting Pay attention to these points from Scott Love addressing the shrinking talent pool, the increase in the number of recruitment firms, and the ways that technology have made it easier for companies to do their own recruiting. Scott offers some ideas to counteract these market forces and maintain your relevance.

Why You Should Provide Your Salary History to Employers and Recruiters New legislation that goes into effect in 2018 in Massachusetts will prohibit from employers from asking job applicants to disclose their salary history. In this post, NPAworldwide president Dave Nerz shares his thoughts about why candidates SHOULD provide this information. Candidates who take a hard-line approach to this topic may find themselves quickly eliminated from consideration.

How Important Are Reference Checks? It’s easy to dismiss reference checks as unnecessary as so many are nothing more than verification of employment dates. However, well-done reference checks can help weed out fakers and embellishers. They can also highlight high-caliber candidates who may underperform in interviews. On a related note, if you are in need of degree verification or other background screening, check out our Endorsed Program, Victig.

Applicant Tracking Systems Are So 1998… Guest blogger Brett Iredale from JobAdder discusses the evolution of applicant tracking systems into today’s more modern recruitment management systems or customer relationship management systems. He includes a 10-point list of the features and functions that a contemporary platform should include.

Matching ≠ Recruitment Dozens of new technology start-ups promise to streamline or otherwise revolutionize recruitment with their state-of-the-art “matching” platforms. Here’s the rub: Recruitment is SO MUCH MORE than simple matching. Sourcing talent is just one part – maybe the smallest part – of the equation. Recruitment involves selling, convincing, and a host of other soft skills that are not easily replaced by technology.

Thanks for following our independent recruiter blog this year, and for liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts. We’ll continue working hard to provide you with interesting, timely, and relevant content in the New Year as well. In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful holiday season!