ShiftHound Replaces the Need for Punch Clocks with Geolocation in the Release of ShiftHound Mobile v1.2

ShiftHound (, the leading provider of cloud-based Workforce Management Solutions expands the use of technology in their commitment to modernize workforce management. Among other powerful mobile features, the release of ShiftHound Mobile version 1.2 captures employee time punches from their mobile phone.

The effort to use, over see and manage employee time punches just got easier. “At ShiftHound our technical team is constantly on the lookout for ways to leverage technology to simplify work,” says Christian Willi, VP of Engineering. “Implementing Geolocation on mobile devices simplifies time capture for staff and management alike.” With Geolocation many time consuming steps that traditionally come along with time capture are eliminated. No more missed clock punches, no more waiting in line to “punch In” and managers instantly know who is at work and who is not. While ShiftHound Time and Attendance is capable of working with punch clocks or designated computers, that is now optional. For those ready to benefit from Geolocation technology, the need for punch clocks/punch computers is a thing of the past. Staff can now submit time punches straight from their mobile device and seamlessly transition into their work.

“Offering Geolocation punch in/out and thereby eliminating the need for clock hardware represents everything we believe in at ShiftHound” says Ian Chaplin, President of ShiftHound. “We have not only modernized and simplified a daily need, we have reduced the cost, both in operational burden, and dollars.”

ShiftHound Mobile 1.2 also includes enhanced search features making it even easier for staff to find the shifts they are most interested in working as well as notifications to newly posted open shifts, both of which can be requested with a single tap. In addition, push notifications keep everyone informed, up to the minute, about schedule changes, request approvals and other announcements. Tap any notification and the user will be taken straight to the page needed to expedite communication and workflow.

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