Pay for School in 2017: Fastweb’s Recommendations for Students in the New Year

As 2017 begins, Fastweb (, the leading website for scholarship and financial aid information and a member of the Monster network, encourages students to focus on paying for school by applying to the exciting new scholarships and utilizing the important online tools available now.

 Fastweb has highlighted excellent scholarships for new and returning college students in their Fastweb’s 2017 Scholarships article. There are valuable opportunities open now and throughout the school year accepting applications. Those opportunities include: The Toshiba ExploraVision Science Competition with 8 awards up to $10,000, the Hans P. Loewen Scholarship with an award amount of $2,000, the Fountainhead Essay Contest with multiple awards up to $10,000 and the Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest with an award amount of $20,000. These, and the many other opportunities highlighted, are for college bound students as well as existing college students and graduate students.

 “As we begin a new year, we hope to motivate students to prioritize looking for ways to pay for school and achieve their educational goals,” said Mark Nelson, Vice President of Product Management at Fastweb. “Our college bound and existing college students can look forward to outstanding opportunities being identified and added to our industry leading scholarship database throughout the year.”

 Since October 1, 2016, students have been able to fill out the FAFSA for the 2017–2018 school year. In the past, the FAFSA open date was the first day of the year. Fastweb urges students who have not yet filled out the application to do so now to initiate the federal student aid process. Understanding the FAFSA and the financial aid process is crucial for all students and many online tools can be found in Fastweb’s Financial Aid section. Resources are available to help students understand the FAFSA, Budgeting and Personal Finance.

 Get more information on scholarship opportunities and financial aid on All resources are available online and always at no charge.

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