Introducing Elionic, Biometric Kiosk for Time and Attendance Employee Tracking by AMGtime

AMGtime recently unveiled their latest biometric timeclock, the innovative and user-friendly Elionic employee kiosk. Using fingerprint biometric technology, employees are provided a secure and convenient way to punch in and out, and will also have access to their schedules and benefit data directly on the device.

The Elionic biometric kiosk is revolutionizing the time and attendance industry. The fingerprint reader Android-based touch-screen tablet, is prepared for use right out of the box, Wi-Fi enabled, and web ready. The Elionic connects with AMGtime’s top-of-the-line time and attendance system, which is available on client-server or cloud service. With the Elionic’s simple design, employees can effortlessly use the kiosk timeclock to access their time cards, check schedules, and request time off directly from the device. With the advanced features of the Elionic, employee management becomes more efficient, saving office administrators both time and money.

“Our customers are liking the new Elionic device, and how they can easily modify configurations without needing to purchase new hardware – employees also love being able to see their information directly on the screen,” says Tony Galstyan, CEO of AMGtime. The Elionic’s screen is adaptable and customizable to each company’s configuration. When an administrator makes changes to the configurations of the Elionic, the updates will automatically install on the device. The Elionic allows employees to navigate existing lists of jobs and departments, simply by hitting buttons, typing or scrolling the screen. Employees clock-in and out with one of the three different verification options available: fingerprint, proximity badge/ID card, or PIN/password. The device also has the option of taking a picture during the transaction, adding a layer of authentication to the employee’s transaction. In addition, there is also the option of installing a bell or access control system. Companies will save on labor costs in the long run, making the Elionic a good investment for any organization.

Every organization tracking employee time should strongly consider a biometric timeclock, to accurately maintain, track, and record on employee attendance. Biometrics eliminate concerns of employee time theft and buddy punching. Using systems like fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and HandPunch devices, the authentication of each employee becomes exact and effortless. Paired with a robust system like AMGtime, companies will cut down time on managing payroll by automatically calculating worked hours, overtime, lunch, holiday, and sick pay, and more.

The Elionic is the newest addition to AMGtime’s list of innovative biometric time and attendance systems, providing organizations a variety of solutions that fit their exact needs. For more information, please visit