Bullhorn and ClearEdge Marketing Announce New Enterprise Staffing Think Tank: The Recruitment Innovation Exchange (RIX)

Platform for Global Enterprise Staffing and Recruiting Executives Showcases Cutting-Edge Industry Thought Leadership, Research, Trends, and Opinions

BOSTON — APRIL 3, 2017 — Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, announced today the launch of the Recruitment Innovation Exchange (RIX) – an online hub of innovative ideas, analyses, and best practices for enterprise staffing and recruiting executives to build community, foster new approaches to solving critical current and impending challenges, and enhance the global recruitment industry.

The goal of RIX is to advance the recruitment industry by providing strategic thought leadership for enterprise recruitment leaders, with content written by and informed by their peers. Bullhorn is a facilitator of this conversation based on its decades of staffing and recruitment industry expertise, partnership, and service, and its intellectual understanding of issues that impact enterprise staffing. RIX is not meant to be an objective news source for straight reporting – in fact, part of its value will be in its ability to take a stance and showcase diverse, and potentially controversial, opinions.

RIX is comprised of three core sections: Insights, Experts, and Outlook:

  • “Insights” consists of previously unreleased, cutting-edge industry analysis and data on subjects such as revenue growth, labor supply and demand, and sector-specific development.
  • “Experts” represents the voice of industry leaders, in which C-suite executives from the largest staffing and recruiting agencies in the world, as well as leaders of industry luminaries such as the American Staffing Association, Staffing Industry Analysts, and TechServe Alliance, will share their opinions on issues that will shape the future of our industry.
  • “Outlook” comprises forecasting and forward-looking projections on topics of future relevance to staffing, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, predictive analytics, the gig economy, and sociopolitical climactic changes.

RIX will include a variety of content formats, including bylined articles, Q&A-style interviews, a regular podcast series featuring interviews with enterprise staffing leaders in North America and Europe called “Take It from the Top,” videos, gated research reports, columns, and short-form infographics.

Contributors to RIX are some of the most celebrated and indelibly influential staffing and recruiting leaders in the world, including: Rhona Driggs, president of Volt Consulting Group; Loretta Penn, former president of Spherion Staffing; Patrick Beharelle, president and chief operating officer at TrueBlue; Dave MacKeen, CEO of Eliassen Group; Lisa Maxwell, managing partner at Gerard Stewart; Bill Corwin, vice president of IT at Motion Recruitment Partners; Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance; Barry Asin, president of Staffing Industry Analysts; Ed Lenz, senior counsel of the American Staffing Association; and many more.

Rhona Driggs discussed the value that RIX provides: “As the president of Volt Consulting Group, I need an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the global recruitment industry presents to my business, and to every stakeholder affected by our decisions. I want a lens that enables me to think about these strategic issues critically, and a great way to do this is to tap the expertise and insights of other leaders. RIX is a valuable addition to the industry dialogue; it shines a light on what’s really helping to drive the future of staffing, and gives us a forum for collaboration. Being the best means thinking beyond the ordinary, which is exactly what RIX delivers. I’m thrilled not only to be a RIX featured columnist, but also a consumer of its content.”

“Recruitment Innovation Exchange is a welcome addition to industry discourse because it’s specifically designed to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among executives of large global staffing firms,” said Leslie Vickrey, CEO of ClearEdge Marketing. “As a first-hand source of innovative ideas and best practices, RIX has built a true learning environment that serves the mutual best interests of this dynamic population.”

“As the only purpose-built staffing platform with true global reach,” said Ryan Murphy, vice president of global enterprise at Bullhorn, “we are in the unique position to consult with thousands of staffing executives annually on the market dynamics and trends impacting their business. The Recruitment Innovation Exchange provides a venue to share these thought-provoking discussions and insights with a strategic enterprise audience, empowered to turn ideas into action. We truly believe in the power of the relationship economy and transparency (as evident by the nature of our software) and believe that powering RIX can spark dialogue amongst global enterprise recruitment leaders, help us identify what we can collectively do to deliver an incredible experience to all of our stakeholders, and how we can think beyond the status quo to drive the industry forward.”

To access the Recruitment Innovation Exchange, please visit: www.recruitmentix.com.

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