A PEO Can Help Your Company Access Skilled Workers In 2017

Every company needs to be able to access skilled workers in the 21st century. With the rise of the Internet, employees with advanced abilities and needed skills have become a more valuable commodity. When it comes to their ability to access skilled employees, small to mid-sized companies are facing a difficult problem in 2017. There simply are not enough skilled workers to meet the demand. Moreover, many companies are struggling to retain the skilled workers that they already employ.

Access Skilled Workers in 2017

access skilled workers

PEO Help: Access Skilled Workers in 2017

As experts in recruitment and selection as well as employee retention, Total HR Management can help. By applying the skills our HR managers have developed, and the proven track record of a professional employer organization, we know how to address this challenge. We are here to support our client companies when it comes to facing the challenges of the 21st century.

Companies are struggling to fill talent shortages at a time when technological developments and quickly evolving workplace norms have led to a dramatic revision of the complexion of the overall national workforce. When it comes to the loss of skilled workers, many executives believe this reality stands to worsen. In April 2016, a study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) surveyed more than 500 C-suite respondents. They thought that strategic workforce planning combined with effective recruitment and selection techniques could be the answer to this challenge.

Lack of Skilled Workers a New Reality

In the past, companies did not have such a great need to fill so many positions externally. A professor of management and director of The Wharton School’s Center for Human Resources, Peter Cappelli explains how, “Before the 1980s, 90 percent of vacancies were filled internally and 10 percent were hired outside. Now, 65 percent of vacancies are filled from outside.”

A lack of instituted training policies in companies has contributed to the shortage of skilled workers. From 2000 through 2008, training budgets across the board have dropped over 20%. Apprenticeships also seem to be a thing of the past. Skilled workers are no longer passing down their knowledge to the younger generations. Thus, many 2017 management difficulties stem from a shortage of skilled workers. Such difficulties could intensify as the market for skilled talent continues to tighten.

Some skills shortages result from fast-evolving technology that changes the manner of business and demands new proficiencies. Companies need to buy into the new tech skills. However, they tend to lack employees internally that have these newly introduced, but essential skill sets. The legacy of older employees passing down traditional skill sets is being upended by rapid changes brought on by new technologies.

Strategic Workforce Planning for Skilled Workers

As a first step, many companies are now identifying the new skill sets that they are likely to require in the future. The goal of such identification is to better secure needed workers from both within and outside of an organization. For example, Staples has chosen to build offices in additional cities to access a broader talent pool. Using a different strategic skill-bolstering strategy, the hospitality chain Marriott International has instituted a professional development program to encourage departmental cross-training. Both companies believe that the long-term benefits of such strategic workforce planning outweigh the initial costs.

Total HR Management believes your company needs to pull back and view the skilled workers challenge from a systemic perspective. How can you put into place the institutional mechanisms that ensure that your company has the skilled employees that it needs to be competitive? As a professional employer organization, Total HR Management recommends strategic workforce planning. By addressing a challenge before it happens, your company can be ready when any staffing difficulty knocks on your front door.

Total HR Management Can Help

As experts in recruitment and selection with a proven track record of accessing the very best candidates for our client companies, Total HR Management can help. To learn more about how we can guide your company into implementing a strategic workforce planning approach, contact Total HR Management today. Please call (800) 975-5128 today to speak with an HR professional and access the help your small to mid-sized company needs.


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