Why Monster is right for me—and you

After 20-odd years in the recruiting and staffing space, I now find myself in the surprising and exciting position of being on the edge of my seat, eagerly awaiting what will come next.

Last week, I started a new position as the senior vice president and general manager at Monster, the global leader in connecting jobs and people. Although it was bittersweet for me to leave behind my colleagues at Alexander Mann Solutions, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to help lead forward a global brand with such a strong legacy and such amazing potential to support my recruiting colleagues.

While there’s no denying Monster’s impressive resume—launched in 1994, the site was the 454th URL ever registered, and over that period has created countless wins for talent acquisition pros and some pretty amazing Superbowl ads—it’s the future of the company that has me really pumped up. I am already impressed by the suite of products the company offers, particularly in the staffing segment. And under new ownership and executive leadership, I believe Monster is poised for accelerated growth that will enable the company to help deliver even better outcomes for its clientele, reducing time to fill, improving candidate experience, slate quality, and helping put you in touch with the very best talent that’s out there.

Having spent my career listening to recruitment leaders, and understanding their goals, objectives, and challenges, I’m eager to find new ways for Monster to address the needs of talent acquisition executives. As business author Michael LeBoeuf once said, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” This idea is at the core of the initial goals I’m setting for Monster as I dive into this role:

  1. I will empower our client-facing teams to be better listeners to our customers, and then work with our product organization to continue to modify our suite of products to meet those needs and ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. We will continue our constant dialogue to keep you informed of Monster’s latest innovations, and work as your partner in finding and applying the right combination of solutions for your organization’s unique needs.
  3. We will be the “Monster” in your corner, helping you land the impressive candidates that lead to impressive business outcomes for which you are driving.

…And that’s just the beginning. So, yes, I’m on the edge of my seat—and you should be, too. There’s going to be much more to come from the iconic recruiting brand that is Monster, and I can promise you this: You’re going to hear us roar.