Talenthoney LLC announces the beta-launch of its revolutionary online career search and talent acquisition platform.

Talenthoney LLC today announced the launch of its Talenthoney.com beta website, aimed at developing a new system and methodology for career search.  Talenthoney has set a new standard in the talent acquisition marketplace, by focusing on matching candidates and companies to create long term career and employee satisfaction. Today, turnover issues account for nearly $5 billion worldwide in human capital losses, while failed hires account for another $1.3 billion annually.  Talenthoney’s patent-pending technology is poised to revolutionize the talent acquisition industry.

Talenthoney’s unique process, developed by founder and CEO, Thomas Sephakis, utilizes specific assessments to provide analytical matches of employees to a potential company that specifically fits their criteria.  Using our research assessment questions, Talenthoney matches candidates with career opportunities and companies based on these values.   Unlike traditional job boards, which utilize simple keyword searches to find candidates, Talenthoney’s process can accurately place the right person in the right job that suits their individual needs.

“Talenthoney is revolutionizing the search industry as we know it today.  People want the opportunity to work at companies and in positions that fulfill several basic criteria and not just skillsets.  Candidates today don’t just want another job,” said Mr. Sephakis.   “The old ways of using online job boards are a thing of the past.   Companies do not like to waste time or money finding potential candidates the old fashioned way.  Likewise, candidates are eager to find jobs that fulfill more than just their basic needs.  Today, people want to like the company for which they work.”

How the Technology Works

Led by Mr. Sephakis and a team of psychologists, specializing in Human Resources and Hiring, Talenthoney developed its platform and assessments on five fundamental criteria:  business skills, company culture, social traits, core values, and personality traits.  Our unique algorithms and assessments utilize a scientifically matched response, that allows a company and candidate to compare the best roles, and more importantly the companies that are a best fit for them.

“Our technology is unlike anything on the market to date.  This is not a basic keyword search, but a scientific methodology,” said Mr. Sephakis.  “We are truly changing how companies will successfully hire and retain the best candidates and how job seekers will find companies they REALLY want to work for.”

Talenthoney is an innovative career matching software application, engineered with proprietary technology, and developed by some of the brightest people on the planet with years of workforce management and staffing industry experience.   The leaders of Talenthoney know the career search and talent acquisition industry.

For more about Talenthoney, please visit www.talenthoney.com

About Talenthoney LLC

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Talenthoney LLC (www.talenthoney.com) was founded in 2015 and is a pioneer in using scientific principles to develop its new hiring platform.