AMGtime Offers a New Modern Navigation Menu Option

AMGtime has recently updated their cloud based system’s navigation menu, making time and attendance, and HR processes quicker and more effortless.

AMGtime recently released a new modern navigation menu for their cloud based software. AMGtime is a leading provider of time and attendance solutions, offering organizations efficient ways to manage their workforce. Their solutions are used in over 50 countries, across multiple industries, helping companies simplify the process of employee time tracking. Listening to feedback from existing customers, AMGtime has developed and officially rolled out their new navigation menu design.

The update is available specifically for AMGtime’s cloud based software, however they also offer PC-based time and attendance software. Other offerings include: top of the line biometric devices, mobile applications, specialized industry solutions, and more. Modules such as ACA Compliance, Benefit Accrual, Mandatory Paid Sick Leave, to name a few, are also available for add-on to the AMGtime solution. With AMGtime companies are cutting labor costs and seeing ROI quickly.

The navigation update gives users the option to choose between the classic or modern menu. Current users can decide to keep their classic style, or opt for the new modern navigation menu, which is intuitively organized on the left-hand side of the screen in a simple collapsible design. The modern design has a longer list of categories, such as: Employees, Reports, Payroll, Devices, Settings and more. These categories expand into multiple subcategories, and retract once the user clicks on another category title. When all subcategories are retracted, the menu collapses into a simple and intuitive icon view on the left, until the user needs to navigate within the menu again. There is also the option to pin the menu, if the user wants to consistently see the full category titles.

For example, employers will see timecards, schedules, and a status board in the Attendance tab. In the Companies tab, they can easily view and edit information regarding their company’s policies, benefits, divisions, locations, and more. The Reports tab includes punch analysis, forecasting, and reports for easy access; while the Payroll tab takes you directly to seamless payroll integrations or payroll exports.

The classic menu, that some users may be accustomed to over the years, will not be changing. The new modern view is optional and requires the employer to make the update in their settings. All users within an organization can decide which style suits them best, the update will only affect that individual and not change the setting for others.

Try the new and modern navigation menu today, located through Tools, General Settings, and User Interface (UI).

About the Company
Los Angeles-based AMGtime has made its mark as a national leader in providing time and attendance solutions. The company is dedicated to helping organizations better manage their workforce and simplify the process of employee time tracking. AMGtime provides easy to use and flexible time and attendance products and services, including software available on both the cloud and PC, top of the line biometric hardware, mobile applications, specialized industry solutions, and much more. AMGtime’s solutions are customizable and adaptable for basic to complex configurations, simple to implement, and inexpensive, providing organizations with the highest level of efficiency and ROI.